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I don‘t recall seeing Fine ango, but the decent ones usually are available in the archipelago.
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I had a big bull and he could carry a large tree.
Once I found another one but they were not for sale.
I even try to break a fence and help him to escape to later somehow steal him but with no luck. He refused.
I did’t try to knock him out and put a leash on him.


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I once met an old man who was wearing a tree lichen overcoat, moss trousers, and a grey hat. And he looked very stylish. But I haven't been able to find those items anywhere.

But seriously, I'm not sure if fine/masterwork kaumolais spears are in the game, but I don't think I've seen one if they are.

I've seen one masterwork javelin and a hare (iirc) ran away with it.