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hello guys i am new fan of this game and i met this game pretty late :)
i am trying to gathering all mods at one zip file. After that i will upload it for everyone use.
Most of downloadlink and links disabled and not avaible so i need your help guys for everyone good :) specially newcomers
i think this will be also great for developer semi and game itself.

There are lots of mods i cant find proper link
for example :
                      Lasse's Updated Self Sufficiency Pack V1.02
                      Bigfoot's Archery Mod
                      The Finn's Wilderness Living Modpack
                      Ladymizra's Quilting Mod
                      Rain's cookbook mod
                      Ladymizra's Quilting Mod
                      Budz Brewing Overhaul For 3.30
                      Wild Bee Hives and Honey
                       Balanced Working Hardtack
                      Bee Hives In The Wild
                      Working Hardtack For 3.40 B3 V.1.3
                       Buoidda's Crafts
                       Mead Brewing
                      Rain's Clothing Mod V3

but not only this , so if you have time guys please pack all of your mods to zip file and upload please.
I will seperate them one by one and make index with up to date links!

ps: u dont have to seperate them just send them all in one

Thank you very much
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Now that you are signed in, the active downloadables will be in the sub thread here:
To help is it's own reward.
Mods:;area=showposts;sa=attach;u=10 Player Quests, Arrow quiver, Bee hives honey & mead, Massive menus, Fish Farmer, Combat trainer, Player made markers, Weaving, Wood stacks, Chicken coop Fish cuts, string&bone.