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How to build a sniper
I am trying to build a sniper
Outside of winter, if you don’t need to keep warm, you can reduce the load to a very low level.
Because it only needs to be equipped with blunt weapon protection (bear hunting) and sharp weapon protection (hunter)
Do not consider close contact with humans
Should I use a longbow or a crossbow or a heavy crossbow?
I plan to sniper at a long distance. If I use a bleeding arrow, I just need to hit the body
No need for continuous attack, easy to escape
Long-range sniping is safe
Will night affect the field of vision of npc? Seems to be
I once built a warrior using masterwork battlesword
He is strong and powerful, but he must wear a lot of protective equipment to deal with different types of damage. Although he can execute an enemy in a short time or make an enemy with head protection fall to the ground, occasionally he will get serious injuries and must be prolonged. The recovery, which affected the hunting efficiency. It's funny to use him to hunt animals, because I need to use a bow, but the penalty is too high, and it's troublesome to change equipment frequently
I think a long-range sniper can meet the requirements of hunting animals and hunting humans at the same time
Bleeding Arrows can be obtained from merchants
I need some advice, because I am used to hunting with traps and don’t understand ranged weapons


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- Sometimes you run into Njerps and robbers without any warning.
- You either have armor to hope to not get too injured when getting attacked, or no armor and hope to be able to run away, not both.
- One shot kills are rare. However, if you can cause a sufficient injury the enemy will tire very quickly, allowing you to get away from an enemy that's normally faster than you, allowing you time to reload. If that enemy is a wolf pack you're in trouble, though...
- I've actually never used broadhead arrows, as I assume they're not particularly effective against armored opponents, but I guess they'd be good against animals. I never fight large predators unless I have to, though, but they'd probably be useful against elk as well.
- Yes, NPC night vision can be extremely limited, so it's actually possible to kill off a Njerp warband in the escaped slave starting scenario (after actually succeeding to escape...) using just thrown rocks under the cover of darkness (can't be used that way during summer). You usually can't afford to make a single mistake, though.

Attacking bow wielding enemies can be very dangerous, but it's possible to do safely if you can exploit the game system. However, there is no room for slipping up (as my one shot killed former character could have attested to).

Also note that it's very hard to hit from a long range, you you need to fire a lot of arrows to score a single hit even if your character is a master of the weapon (and nobody starts with much of a skill with crossbows). When going Njerp hunting I bring 50 arrows, although many are fired from a distance at the unconscious enemy to train the skill.
Also, each shot racks up fatigue, and you need to rest from time to time to let that go away.

Tom H

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An enemy can close the distance between you before you can fire more than 3 arrows. Hence, many folks advocate 'kiting' the enemy by shooting, running, shooting, running. That works, too...unless your enemy also has a bow, or a friend, or a dog, or all of those.

 The new change in the last patch has Njerps traveling in groups now. I bumped into one recently, spotting 3 Njerps up close. There might have been more but I ran too fast to look for more. I used to hunt Njerps I spotted, just to clear my area. No more!

Also, don't get wounded! A shot to the leg can cripple you and prevent a safe escape. A shot to the arm can render your harmless, unable to shoot! Your enemy can ALSO have broadhead arrows, so, beware! 

Pushing the excitement envelope by hunting ONE Njerp has become risky as hell since you can no longer expect to fight a solitary foe.


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An enemy with a bow can actually be engaged safely with a bow, assuming he's alone and you don't need skis. Running is usually not a good idea as you tire, but if the enemy tires faster than you it might work. However, running when equipped for battle means you're probably heavily encumbered and can slow your running speed down to your walking speed in a very small number of tiles.

I don't fight Njerps in spruce infested forests because of the horrible visibility, and when trying to engage them (or investigating "adventurers") I walk in from the neighboring tile using a search pattern in the hope that I'll see them early enough to leave without them catching up. So far I haven't encountered "real" Njerp groups (two close to each other, but not acting together).

Dungeon Smash

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Archer characters are highly effective for hunting.  Combat is more dangerous but still feasible.
- Choose Owl Tribe as your starting tribe. 
- Re-roll Stats until you get high Eyesight, Agility and Dexterity
- Choose "Very Easy" character creation mode and dump as many upgrades as possible into your Bow skill
- Find a Longbow or Northern Bow
- Enjoy.

Sneaking will also be very important, as your character will not last long in close combat.  Consider investing in Carpentry (to make arrows and bows) as well as Hideworking (to process all the pelts you will be collecting)
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