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« on: July 21, 2020, 05:11:18 PM »
Hello everyone,,
Just found a treasure for the first time - 2 masterwork handaxes, 2 masterwork leather boots, 4 superior lynx-furs, 2 bags of barley-flour, and 2 pieces of bronze jewelry!  ;D ;D ;D

That's way, way more valuable than any other quest reward I've gotten - is this the normal amount in a treasure cache????


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Treasures tend to be very valuable, so this might be a bit on the good side, but not extreme.

Tom H

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Your treasure is pretty rich! The 4 Lynx furs, wow!

The last two treasures I've recovered have both had 6 full bags of various grains and two full bags of flour. Amongst the remainder of the haul, one had about half-dozen superior fox and deer furs, the other two pieces of jewelry, two Master woodsman axes, and Master fur boots. 

The first such treasure I earned was with a now long-dead guy. I remember a Master Northern Spear and some superior furs.