Topic: Question: Possible to Mod Village Stocking of Plants?  (Read 985 times)


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The quick version: does anyone know if there a tag in plant and mushroom files that controls whether villagers will stock that plant in their trade goods?

Long version (pretty nerdy stuff): I am working on a mod for dyeing fabrics and yarns to add to my current weaving mods to allow my characters to make multicolored woven belts/trim, dyed clothing, etc. Collecting the dye materials and creating the dyes will be very labor intensive (and as historically accurate as I can make it!) and so I view this as a way for a character to make tradeable luxury goods and maybe live exclusively as a weaver.

I've done lots of research into historically accurate dye materials, and I've decided to add in some flora of my own, including Dyer's woad (northern Europe's only known source for blue until Indigo was imported). There is historical evidence of it growing wild in southern Finland and being cultivated throughout the rest of the country. In order to obtain the plant for dyeing or its seeds, I'd like for my characters to be able to trade for it in more prosperous villages, similar to how one would trade for hemp seeds, peas, etc. It would be even more rad if I could mod it so that foreign traders or village women would offer it from their inventories.

I'm also planning to use Tellervo's gift mushrooms to be a red dye source (making  Cortinarius sanguineus in my head...they're kind of reddish on screen and the "gift" seemed appropriate) and would love to know if mushroom files were editable to make villagers stock them.

Thanks everyone for reading and any input you can offer!

I want to be as rockin' as some of the great period dressed avatars!


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I'm at best a dabbling modder, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

I would guess you'd need the [CULTIVATED:<region(s)>] tag to get things to be offered by villages, but it may well be that actual seeds are required as well, and might also require that it's edible, as that's currently the only thing UrW does know about regarding plants. Also note that you can specify plants to grow in settlement and/or meadow tiles, for instance to get them to behave like e.g. nettles and clayweed.

I wouldn't use an existing mushroom for your purpose, but add my own, which seems simple enough (provided you're more talented than I am at graphics, as you'd want a distinct tile gfx for it, but I guess you could copy and hack an existing one).


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Thanks for the advice, I'll give that a try!


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Adding an update, in case anyone else had a similar question!

After editing the plant files to include my new plants and generating a new character, I can confirm that villages will stock seeds and edible parts of plants if the file includes the tag [CULTIVATED] for that culture.

I just now tried putting a [CULTIVATED] tag into my modded mushroom files, but I've yet to test if villagers start stocking them.