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Here is a cheat to make "sledges" and "transport vehicles" until companion and animal hauling is developed more. I have read on the forum in an older post that it's on a todo list, but time will tell when it's done. And hauling logs piece by piece becomes really annoying at some point.

Quick sample
.Bull harness. "Branch" [effort:1]  [phys:hands,one-armed] [assist:1] *CARPENTRY*  /1m/ [assist:2]         
{branch}   (1)   [remove]
[WEIGHT:-3000]          -  if you use more than -1000, when you drop the item you still end up with negative weight for some reason.

Elaborate sample:
.Bull harness. "Branch" [effort:4]  [phys:hands,one-armed] [assist:1] *CARPENTRY*  /3h/ [assist:2]         
{log}   (1)   [remove]
{Rope} #5# [remove]
{Slender trunk} (2) [remove]
{Axe} <Carving axe>

1. These work on animals only, because if you have negative weight you will tire EXTREMELY fast whatever you do. So you can use harnesses, sledges, whatever for your bulls, dogs (would be cool to have 6 dogs pulling a sledge :D), etc.
2. If you use -3000 weight on an item and wear it, when you drop it your weight will still remain negative. So even if you create the items for your bulls, use -1000 at maximum, and if you want more, create 3 items, one at a time, moving each item on the bull as you create it.

Enjoy! I really do, my bulls can carry logs now in my forestry business :D
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