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Have all items on your animals be available in the trade screen.

An auto-pause when spotting wild animals. If not having an auto-pause is a feature to make stalking pray harder, then I understand.

Multi-select in the action menu. My use case would be to unleash/tie all or some animals at a time, equip ski stick/skis/paddle (my courtyard is only accessible through water or a gauntlet of traps).

Ask which animal you want to unpack/pack items from/to when multiple animals are standing on a tile.

Ask which target to attack when multiple beings are standing on a tile. Additionally have the attack repeat function (key: 3) remember who you last attacked and keep attacking them for each successive attack.

Allow non-weapons to be thrown when both hands are wielding something. My use case is throwing bait on traps. Currently I either drop bait and push it on a trap or un-equip one hand and throw the bait.

Crossbows should not require the 2nd hand slot to hold an arrow. Crossbow items if loaded should say what type of arrow is loaded in its name and you should be able to use the action menu (or some other way) to unload/reload them . Once loaded you should be able to swap an unloaded crossbow with a loaded one from your inventory.

Have a repeat the exact last crafting recipe key. My use case is smoking/drying/roasting batches of 19 per cord or 10 for roasting. Preferably it would be press shift-r, a list of what you are about to craft shows up in the message log and then press space to confirm crafting.
~Currently it is~: alt-c, d, select food, enter, space, 19, enter, select cord, enter, and space. Repeat this sequence for a big stag of meat cuts and feel your wrists curse at you. I've attempted to make an autokey script for it but Unreal World doesn't play nice with the program.

In the eating screen remember what you last ate and have it automatically selected.

Separate talk/command to shift-c for talking to people and something else for ordering/interacting with your pets. Unless all my dogs are visible to me, the chat selection is bogged down by all the names of dogs not visible to me.

Digging holes should be a resumable task. If you stop digging you lose all your progress and the dirt you dug out magically goes back in the unfinished hole.

Have items of the same exact type and weight stack with ones already packed on animals instead of making a separate entry.

Have animals/pets have the same unique item limit that a player has. Currently animals have a ~20 unique item limit and you’ll receive a “Burden of x is too much for “animal name” to carry!” despite having weight/load capacity left.

When walking over items you’ll see two different font colors, blue if there’s a single item and black if there’s multiple ones. Please use one font color (blue or something else) for both cases so that it is easier to distinguish items on the ground from other things.


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Seconding the crossbow suggestion especially, that was something I was thinking about suggesting as well! The advantage of a crossbow in real life is that you can carry it loaded... I think you should still need the second hand free to reload, though. This should be just for a quick first shot.

Your other suggestions are great as well :)

Ara D.

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Massive penalty to firing a crossbow one handed. Also a little concerned about a spare loaded xbow going off in your pack if we are RPing real life

JEB Davis

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The vast majority of crossbows from the middle ages have the bolt just laying on the stock when loaded.
Tilting the crossbow sideways while it's loaded could result in the bolt falling off.
Storing such a loaded crossbow on your back is unreasonable, the bolt would fall off.
Even carrying it with one hand in a relaxed manner with it pointed down would do the same.

Iron Age crossbows? Probably less sophisticated than the medieval ones you can find pictures of.

Crossbows should always require two hands when they are loaded.

Ara D.

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How ever one could in theory precock a crossbow to reduce load time to the time needed to place the bolt and aim?