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Please outline the meaning of the assist command as seen below:

.Birch-bark basket. [effort:1]  [phys:hands,one-armed] [assist:1] *CARPENTRY*  /5h/         
{Birch-bark strip}   =60=   [remove]


Note: the wiki modding section will need updating for 3.60 beta


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It's in the news file I believe:
- modding add: header tag to specify companion help possibility for do-it-yourself crafts and building

        There is a new tag to be used in biy_* and diy_* headers:

        This defines maximum number of companions whose labor input can help to shorten the working time
        as described above. The value can be 1, 2 or 3.
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Im focused on the BAC diy_glossary hotfix and might miss something like that


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Missing to add the ability to use assistance isn't catastrophic, as it just means it will still work the way it used to for a little bit longer than intended.