Topic: Why are spears and javelins with lover damage than arrows yet are much bigger?  (Read 5743 times)


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Watched the video. Well done Erkka  8)

At one job I took lunch breaks in a wooded lot and threw a javelin link "slender trunk" at the hollow of tree stump. Eventually broke the tree stump making the top of it fall toward me... which landed on my coat. So I was fairly close. My observations on Erkka's video are:

- In UrW standing still is still in a 2 x 2 m square so I think taking one step for a throw would be okay

- A practiced javelin thrower and/or a straighter javelin might not turn sideways so easy and get maybe 50% more range

- As mentioned in the thread effective range for causing injury (which is another game mechanic) is less than max range.


To one of the posters as might have been noticed Unreal World defines a rock as 1 lb and a stone as 14 lb. In real life we might swap the terms. For the discussion it would be best to use the same terms.


The Odyssey of the Greek and Trojan wars does include them throwing rocks/stones at each other as a common battle technique.