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« on: May 24, 2017, 03:36:19 AM »

Jaredonian's Character Models

Add a bit of variety to your UnrealWorld experience with eighteen new player character models, including:

The Woodsman
The Huntress (two new versions)
The Winter Hunter
The Kaumolaiset
The Northern Tribesman
The Foreigner
The Shaman (male and female version) - best used with the Shaman Mod by Simon
The Warrior (three versions) - practice your combat skills with the Combat Training Dummies mod by Privateer
The Kaumo Youth
The Fisherman
The Traveler
The Kaumo Vagabond
The Wildman

Thanks to the UnrealWorld team as all of these are based on original URW models.

Distinct Tribes

This mod reskins the people of the Northern Tribes, putting them all in heavy seal-skin
clothing to reflect their reliance upon this important resource.  In the game, it says the Northern
Tribes speak their own language, this mod now adds a visual element to their uniqueness from
the Southern Tribes.

The mod also changes the Eastern Tribes, making them taller than most of the other people
in the land, as well as changing their clothes to reflect the lifestyle of hunters and trappers.

The Western Tribes now have more varied and vibrant coloured clothing, since they have better access
to exotic cloth and dyes.  They also tend to wear pieces of metal jewelry, such as belt buckles and bracelets
as the influx of trade allows for greater shows of wealth within the communities.

Special thanks to the team of Wickham's Graphical Enhancement Project for textures used
in the these mods.  Check it out here:

Wickham's Graphical Enhancement Project


Jaredonians Character Models + Distinct Tribes v3


'Jaredonian's Character Models' Installation:

1. Create a backup of your truetile folder if you haven't already (or just the pc-fe/male files specifically).

2. Find the PC folder within the mods truetile folder.

3. Select your chosen character model and rename it to pc-male or pc-female.  Copy the file.

4. Paste the file into the game's truetile folder and replace the existing file.

5. Enjoy

'Distinct Tribes' Installation:

1. Create a backup of your truetile folder if you haven't already.

2. Copy all mod files into the UnRealWorld/truetile folder, or just merge the folders.
When prompted, replace all existing files.


This is a graphics mod only and therefore is completely save game compatible.
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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 12:20:38 PM »
This is unbelievably beautiful. Thanks for doing this @Jaredonian!

I really hope someday this gets included in URW, with the addition of dynamic icons (eg, different outfit depending on what the pc/npc is wearing). It'd be great to see at a glance what your opponents are wearing/wielding, and to see your icon change when you move from a "kaumo hunter" outfit to a heavy furs one.