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I dropped all my items to hunt and afterwards, could not find where I dropped everything. Especially likely in wooded areas.

If I am not in a rush, I drop my items in an open area or I chop down trees around where I want to leave my things but, when the encounter finds me and pulls me into the zoomed in map, and it is wooded or crosses several areas, I have to rely on luck to find my things. Would that it were no so.

Another possibility; my footprints would be visible and would have a different appearance than all other footprints. Then, I could "retrace my steps" (a commonly heard phrase).


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I made a marker module some time back, before game had the current function.
Markers could be left on travel and local map, Though they still require being seen to stand out.

 Here's the old thread, if it interests you let me know and I'll see if I can revive it.
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