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So I played UW when game still had older sprites and there was only one kind of pattern for tracks. I remember later, with new temperature system and new sprites, more patterns were added which made hunting by lone chase pretty annoying for me, when I had to chase in forest, because tree tiles would hide some tracks on tile above from me or made them hard to spot.
I might play UW again in some time and I would like to know, if it is possible to somehow decrease visibiliy of multi-tile sprites? Going pixel hunting after every tree to look for tracks seems pretty bad solution for me.

I also wonder, is it possible now to build small village yourself and convice or somehow trick villagers that joined you o stay in your locations?


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 I think the short answer is: no and no

Tracks now tell age and direction to help "guess" movement, however tracks do sometimes end up behind trees and you have to search for the
"next" track.

If you "take over" a settlement/village or the like; you could repopulate the empty town using NPCs who are lost in the woods (quest).
They will however then claim the town as theirs and you'll have to kill them again ;)
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