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This is more a question/suggestion.  I believe previous URW versions had options for map generation.  Has there been any thought to have toggles or sliders in map generation to create customized or varied maps at character creation?  Some of the options could include:
  • Map size
  • Landmass and island distribution
  • Terrain type prevalence (mountain, bog, rivers, lakes)
  • Size or distribution of settlements/cultures
  • Prevalence or frequency of forrester villages
  • Frequency, goods, aggression of traders
  • Frequency, aggression, party size of robbers or Njerpez
  • Prevalence of wild predators or prey
  • Prevalence of birds
  • Prevalence of seals, beavers, swans, or other uncommonly encountered animal types
  • Prevalence of large fish
  • Sensitivity of the spirits (how easy they are to appease or offend)
  • etc.


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about the njerps, perhaps 3 settings,

friendly njerp, just like any other tribe.

hostile njerp, hostile as they are now, but only in their own lands.

raiding , what we have now.

invasion, camps spread out, roaming bands of multiple njerps.