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Hello and welcome travellers

Glad you've decided to try out this pack.
It's 1st mod i've ever done(edited mostly) so far so please be mind of that.

- Brygunadd's mod - menu adjusted to 'N' shortcut to fit shaman mod
- Hamsolovski's Graphical Modification - more ingame NPC tiles
- Jaredonian's Character Model - PC tile set to 'shaman-like'
- Njerpez cookery mod - all recipes from original game are saved(those from mod are added in right cooking sub-menus)
- Rainscloth mod - adding new craftable items for light armors (sorry Rain - i've read you dont approve copy paste work ;P)
- Caethan's code - for birch bark items - those are avalible now in lumber menu(code was repaired and adjusted to 3.30 version)
- Wickerman's graphics - mainly for avatars and photos replacements - i've used part of the code for spawning eggs just to fit more veggie-like gameplay  (swan and eagle nests are cut out - its rather unlikely to hunt those on purpose so it suits gameplay in my opinion)
- Shaman mod by Simon(Last but not least)- all original files with some encyclopedia improvements(references and links mainly)

 *You won't find any iron-crafting in this pack* - shamans weren't using iron weaponery in most cases- and its a bit OP

- from me strongly improved encyclopedia - with some new pictures
- some of in-game tile sets are adjusted to version 3.30 from later - Hamslovski's and Wickerman's mods = better graphics
  I hope you will enjoy new look of completely new sea. ;)

 *Most of new photos was found by google graphics - due to that - all copyrights belongs to their rightful owners - no logo was abused...*

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Hello and welcome back travelers :]

Today's special menu serving is Jakspack vers 2.0 for Unreal World game.

Made some changes to the latest of shaman mod pack hopefuly for better.

Cant say i wrote all of this on my own but for further details look at Read me_Jackpack.

It simply would take me to long to rewrite all changes
from first version and i dont want to copy/paste all file to this post.

Check it out and hopefuly share your vewings. ;]


['LITTLE ' edit few hours later - i ve just checked and seems i uploaded working backup instead of glitch free :P]
Sorry and for some tears i ve added graphic for cley pot.

For all who already downloaded - id suggest to try this version unless you want some code repairing

Brewing barrel should be a pot not bag
There is missing ' * ' sign in tendon wraps component behind carcass
and lots of missin [remove] to components line : like in pottery -firewood and torches

Further uppdates:
Some balancing which i somehow missed:
* Drying plants - at 2nd starting proces in whole 3 linen crafting sections should be set to /1/
 - {[TILE:Shelter]} 'Shelter for drying' - shouldn't use '+'  in tile based description
* Roll-of birch should be "firewood" based

* Changes to diy_glossary:

 .Opened birch. "Tree trunk" *CARPENTRY* [effort:1] [phys:arm] /15/ \12h\
{Roll of Birch} [patch]
{Cutting weapon} <Axe> %+10%
{Slender trunk} (4) '+to shape it' [ground]
{Wooden stake} (4) 'Stake to uprights outside' [ground]
{Branch} (20) '+for bending to shape' [ground]
{Stone} (6) '+to force seat in it' [ground]
{Hunting horn} 'Most components laying nearby' [optional]
{Tree trunk} 'Birch trunk near' [remove] [ground]

.Birch-trunk Canoe. "Punt" *TIMBERCRAFT* /120/ \1\ |1| [effort:2] [phys:arms stance]
{Opened birch} [remove] [ground]
{Wooden stake} (4) '+curved ribs' [remove] [ground]
{Bark} #3# '+sap to seal' [remove]
{Resin} #3# '+to tar cracks' [remove]
{Fire} '+lit nearby to heat resin' [ground]
{Knife} '+for last cuts'
{Axe} <Carving axe> %+10% '+just in case' [optional]

Further balancing and debug:

Wooden bobber in Fishing rod recipe should have [noquality]

I'm also trying to get proces of making fire from Simon's shaman mod working:

//something to make firebuilding less cumbersome
.Fire Bow.   "Hunting horn"   [effort:2]   [phys:hands]   *CARPENTRY*   /60/   |-1|  [noquality]
{Branch}      [ground] [remove]
{Cord}                  [remove]

//in conjunction with timber, more prepare time would be realistic
.Prepare tinder.   "Branch"    [noquality]   *HERBLORE*   /4/   \12h\   [patch:4]
{[TILE:Shelter]} 'Dry in a shelter'
{Resin}      #0.5#   [remove] [patchwise]   'Prepared resin'
{Birch-bark}      #1#   [remove] [patchwise]   'Prepared birch-bark'      

Those parts are checked and working - update them if you want.
No clue how to write a commend for making fire thou...

.Prepare Fire.   (10)   "Firewood"   [effort:1] [phys:hands,arms [noquality] /7/ \1\   *TIMBERCRAFT*   
{Fire bow}
{Tinder}      (1)      [remove]
[NAME:Smouldering wood]

Just making new item based on firewood. Well i blocked all 3 (whole proces) at my PC - suggest you to do the same.
Alternate fire making is not that important to Lore or gameplay anyway.

Today i haven't found any major glitches :D
Due to minor balancing however you should change recipes for Northern longbow for 0.20~0.30 lbs of fat not 0.60 since this requires about 3 birds fat or 1.5 glutton one - think it will be easier to craft this way.

Also changed a bit recipe for murky-dye (it's so common colour it should have easier to make replacement).
Here is alternate version:

.Dye - Murky variation.      [noquality]   *COOKERY*   /45/   \4h\
{Peat}   #3#   [remove]   
{Water}      #3#   [remove][boil]
[NAME:Dye - Murky]

With this in basic glosary you shouldnt have any problems getting it:

.Dig for peat. "Rock" [effort:1] [phys:arms,hands,stance] *AGRICULTURE* /60/ [noquality]
{[TERRAIN:wetland pine_mire open_mire]} 'Boggy terrain, mire, or wetland'

I suggest pasting it under Resin for some ulility management.

Whats more i will try to upload version with all changes at the end (i thought it's almost bug free but now when im playing it for real hero it's not that obvious) - debuging is quite a long and time-consuming proces thou, i pray for your patience.  :s


Todays quick changes:
Brews are back to Privateer’s base code – guess my changings were fail on this field.
Tying equipment In some advanced bow recipes now doesn’t bring quality into the process.
Advanced ironworking  ‘building’ constructions are now crafted on ground.
Added new graphic for simple chimney with some variations.
Advanced Ironworking :  Iron bloom is now no quality item and wrought iron has firm base of 40.
Peat is firewood based not stone like in sample code.
Linen cloths are needed for some shamanic recipes so I made 2 options in basic utilities to shred crafted clothings – they were originally different named from linen so without those new options  it’s impossible to made shamanic crafts.

Also uploaded this to the newest changes and debugs.

From now on i ll stop making those quick debugs or I will never be able to finish my campaign. :D
If I find something new I will hold with it to the ‘updated version ‘  if this will ever be existed.
Also , looking for some ideas of graphics which anybody would like to see or just needs.

PS: Ad word:
Somehow i forgot to mention some of cooking recipes were NAME changed from 1st pack version.. :S
All credits for code and balancing belongs to Bedlam - the author.

PS: Ad word 2:
Brewing section was originaly designed by Budzilla - Privateer was mainly a code DTPer.

Ofcourse i forgot sth - change back the Seita Stone building time to original /80/ :P
Also quick checked basic moding tutorial and found some misleading info- thx to the Wiki one.
Last when i checked it modding section didnt have any guides still mine may be somehow usefull too hopefully.

New links under:
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for psychoactive effects "fermentation" to occur you need to boil the honey combs first, then the end product will have the affect. Least that's how I designed it.
To help is it's own reward.
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Thanks for knowing that.

I guess i missed that due to bypass checking/ spawning for debug purposes main items to confirm whole process is OK. :s


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Nice to see this after being absent from the forum for a few years!

I discontinued the Shaman Mod when the new version changed all the weights and some other things, I forgot exactly what but it meant some of the things from the mod wouldn't be working right anymore, or wouldn't be really balanced.

There's a lot of stuff in there that's not that important actually. Indeed, the firemaking wasn't all that important.

But I did put some very difficult /laborous puzzles in there which I don't think anybody ever solved.
[spoiler]But if you studied the encyclopedia you might've back-engineered it ;)[:spoiler]


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Nice to see this after being absent from the forum for a few years!

Hope you are well mate :D
To help is it's own reward.
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