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« on: August 03, 2017, 07:21:04 PM »
Can old tracks be intentionally removed or eliminated?  Maybe through the tracking skill?  I know they expire after a while.

I have numerous tracks of various beasts around my cabin, most of whom I've killed.  Those tracks layer over each other and make tracking a newer animal's trail very challenging.


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No. There's currently no support for obscuring/removing tracks. And I'd guess remove functionality would be as tedious and time consuming to use as it would in real life, addressing one tile at a time.

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yeah... it really would be nice if tracks disappeared a little quicker.  i mean, right now "old tracks" often have no utility.  the only use is determining where migration paths might be, otherwise they are very cluttering.  it's very distracting to have ancient tracks all over your settlement, from animals that disappeared or were killed months ago.  especially since they obscure new tracks, and it doesn't even really make sense that you would be able to determine which direction an animal traveled months prior, with many rains and such inbetween.  it would be nice even if it were possible to erase old tracks using a spruce branch or some such.


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they clearly fade over time. could you just make the last fade iteration invisible and too high a skill check for Tracking to twig on? if actually erasing them is too hard.