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Hi. How can i add my excel table to a wiki and to keep everything (colors, borderings, row/column sizes...)?


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First of all, especially if your table has complex information (like the ones in the wiki's Plants page), make sure your table's wikicode is legible after conversion. The point of a wiki is that anyone can edit it at anytime so everyone needs to be able to understand the wikicode now and in the future.

I created the week calendar for the wiki using OpenOffice. Saved as html and copy pasted the contents of the html file to This created a lot of chaff though (IIRC, all formatting was saved individually for each cell and there were some completely unnecessary tidbits I removed manually), and the resulting wikicode is hard to read.

Can't remember if I've used this method for another table that doesn't change bg color in the middle of rows/columns, so don't know how it handles such tables. For such, I might just use a simpler widget like the Copy and Paste Excel-to-Wiki Converter and add colors etc. manually afterwards.

There's also a VBA-Macro for EXCEL table conversion, but I haven't played with that. (Haven't had excel in years)

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After some experiments I do this: paste excel table to .rtf in word, sometimes i have to resize rows and columns because pasted table has not the same size as in excel, then i save this as filtered html. There's no need to convert html to wiki - at least not on, where i updated Cultures 2 days ago for version 3.30.
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