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so, while plowing my garden rl in this scorching heat, i found a neat trick not to overheat.

a footbath.

ok sure, in urw we can go take a swim yo get this effect to, but i'm not intrested in dumping my whole body in cold, just my feet.

so can we get this simple but effective trick, for us farmin players who toil in the warm summer sun?


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Probably not before we get bad effects from overheating. Currently you can be drenched in sweat from wearing full winter gear in a heated sauna without anything happening.


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i know, but i still roleplay as if it matters. and it would be nice to sit on a bench, with my feet in water, while eating and taking a break.

besides, already having a few options to deal with overheating would be nice to have prior to being able to actually overheat

i kind of miss this in the game,things to do when you have nothing to do.

perhaps some "luxury jobs" could be introduced sometime, things like laundry, cleaning the house, cleaning your pots, things that dont really matter and are not required for survival, but if you dont clean you get bug infestations (clothes/fur/tool degradation over time due to filth).

also, removing weeds from the crops is something rather important that seems to be missing and prepairing the. soil takes far longer rl then ingame.
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You can easily get the trough of water out of the sauna and put it in front of your bench to simulate a foot bath (or buy a second trough, if you don't want to use the one you've washed your dirty feet in for a sauna bath).

Your idea of luxury is strange, given that those tasks are considered chores by most ;)
If you get bug infestations unless you perform those tasks they're not that optional.
Another issue is whether those things were done historically. I've gotten the impression that personal hygiene took a nose dive in Scandinavia as Christianity conquered the area, with ideas that bathing was harmful, but I don't know whether cleaning of clothing was of any priority prior to that. In addition to this, Finnish culture was rather different from the Scandinavian one.

I believe a more detailed agriculture is an intended feature, with crops failing due to pests and weather, and weeds probably fall in the category of misfortunes that can be opposed to some extent.

I don't know how long slash-and-burn soil preparation takes compared to "normal" soil preparation, but other parts missing are soil degradation and annual soil preparation, which I would expect to be taking place at least to some extent.


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well, cleaning to prevent pests is a luxury, because it implies you have something to protect in the first place, and that makes you a wealthy man in urw.

when surviving in the wild, moving with my dogs and kota, i find the game to be very realistic, fishing to is very well done, hunting is amazing!

but once my homestead is done, i find myself idle 75% of the time, when irl to run a homestead like that with those tools i'd be working all of spring, and half of summer. prepairing land takes a lot of effort, even if you use the slash and burn techinque, the weeding is much more time consuming then the planting. and if you leave edible stuff everywhere (like a cellar) that's bound to attract pests, it also gives another difficulty at the later game stage without having an effect on the early stage.

as for hygiene, that to would be nice to have a use for, preventing disease is one thing.

needing to feed your animals gives a great chore, the chicken co-op mod already does this, if i want eggs, i'd better get some form of chickenfood first.
and of course, being so busy, heatstroke is a real danger, a simple footbath can do wonders against that :D

these small adjustments could make the farming lifesteal much more realistic, and combined with the planned building decay would keep you busy, preventing a single man from being richer (and more bored) then an entire village.

when you have all the tools, and you have all the foods, and you have 3 full sets of metal armour, and a pallisade wall around your homestead you'd find yourself to be a very busy man maintaining all of that. but in urw, you can just keep stockpiling stuff.

about slash-and-burn's purpuse, it's mostly as fertilizer. it also removes weeds making prepairing faster and less tireing, but not really that effective against the weed's roots. it still takes a lot of manual effort to remove those.
you use fire and ashes to prevent soil degredation, together with migrating your fields (crop rotation in later forms, ancient fins just moved a bit).

neither of those prevent weeds from growing back tough, and the better the soil the worse this gets. if you leave your crops alone for 2-3 weeks there won't be that much left for your crops to grow or make the parts that you'd like to eat, depending on what type of crops you are growing and what stage of growth they are in.

you also have crop diseases and pests or even storms that can ruin or seriously reduce your harvest, some of wich you can take action against. a fungus or slow-spreading disease can be removed, bug infestations are very hard to deal with without pesticides, chickens do have a use against bugs but they themself can be bad for certain crops that they reconize as food, or for young/small plants.

wildlife can also treathen your crops, but the game already simulates this for the animals it already has. birds steal seeds and berries, rabbits eat the green parts of your plants, rats can even dig out potatoes, i have no idea what the fins used to do against those animals, irl i use cats.