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I cant find fishing stuff, any net or rod would be handy. Am now south from Sartola. Visited several sartola villages, didnt find...
Is it more like in Driik culture to do fishing?

How about punts?


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Fishing rods can be found in any culture, but they're not very common, I think, with nets being rarer. Driik villages are the best ones for everything except culture specific items, in my experience. Ironically, I have had a hard time finding any nets in Islander villages. I've heard it said that punts are found only in some cultures, and the only punts my Owl Tribe character found in their villages were the ones made as quest items (and they were not for sale, although they could presumably be taken rather than delivered to the character who had requested them).

If playing unmodded, your best bet of getting a punt is to make a raft and travel to the SW (following the cost, if you reach that before finding what you're looking for), checking villages as you go. If your rafts are modded to be too heavy to carry (for realism), you'd better wait for winter to travel over the ice.


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Do the villages get new stuff ever?
If i trade everything they have to pile of boards is that all they going to have from now on?

I have noticed at least the seeds disappear during the spring.  :D


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Village item stocks are turned over. Some post mentioned a two week interval. Seeds and harvest products follow a yearly cycle, so getting seeds for autumn sowing requires you to visit a suitable village after first harvest of that crop but return back home and sow it before withering time.


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Tap F5 and start Living in the wild. For fishing job you will receive fishing rod.


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The F5 mission option is how I get mine.  Actually, that makes it too easy.  : P

I modded some to make a fishing rod craft-able, but you still have to collect the parts and make it.  That's how it SHOULD be.  : P

Dungeon Smash

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Driik is your best bet, Islanders also sometimes have fishing gear but you are as likely to find tridents as nets and rods.

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The ROleplayer would like to point out something.

Whilst Islanders are often stocked with tridents instead of rods, tridents are the best spears for fishing and fishing with spears generally gives different results to fishing with rods. Mainly you will get a single medium-large fish with a spear, Most of the time thats not so good, but in spring it would increase your chance of finding salmon in rapids. And salmon increases your chance of baiting a bear.


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It's awful far from Sartola, so not really the best bet for the original poster, but Reemilais villages tend to be very wealthy in tools and food. I usually start there, in summer (cause I'm a wuss), but at the beginning of those games particularly wealthy villages near rivers, lakes, or the ocean will sometimes have three to four nets and AT LEAST one punt during that season. Rods and tridents show up too, but not as often as the more valuable fishing gear.
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