Topic: Improve path finding by increasing the weight of water  (Read 2604 times)


« on: April 24, 2018, 05:00:38 AM »
Currently, hunting dogs and attacking NPCs will move the shortest distance by tile count towards their target. This leads to undesirable behaviors in pine mires: dogs that can easily chase down a fleeing animal will be slowed wading through several tiles of water, while attacking NPCs can be trivially kited through the water, fatiguing them and leaving them vulnerable to ranged attacks while they're in the water. A damaging hit against a fatigued NPC in water can quickly become lethal, since they fall unconscious and drown.

I don't think water should be an impenetrable barrier, but increasing the weight of water in the pathfinding algorithm by 4x or so would help a lot. NPCs and animals should also be a little more cautious about crossing ice, but that's a secondary concern.


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I have not experienced this situation, where dogs or humans will jump into water without hesitation so I can't comment on it specifically.  However I have noticed that my character can chase an animal into a narrow area surrounded by water and they will never attempt to cross it, even if it's shallow and only one or two tiles wide.  This does not seem right to me especially for a large animal such as an elk, but after some thought, even a hare can swim.  Just ask my former president Mr. James Earl Carter Jr.