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Version 3.50. A month or two ingame I noticed a bag of grain in my cellar I didn't know I had. Figured I must've bought it at some point while scatterbrained, ignored. A few weeks later I built a cabin and wanted to move the cellar, so I deconstructed it with the items inside, rebuilt one tile further away and pushed the items back in. Immediately after doing that, a bag of peas and 2 boxes of seeds of some variety or another have also materialized in my cellar. All 3 magic items, including the first bag of grains are now tagged Taken. (The tag wasn't there when the first bag appeared). I have a hunch it's related to the pushing more than the deconstructing, because the first bag may have also materialized after some sort of a push & sort day. Kept a save file if you need it.

Admittedly I didn't look past the first 2 pages of bugs to see if this has been reported, was distracted by all the newness, so apologies if this is an old one. You stop checking in for a mere year and everything changes, tsk tsk tsk. ::)

So very pleased to see things never seem to stop moving forward around here.  ;D


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My guess;

 You are playing and used the first tutorial, the seeds and such are gifted for agriculture task??

Nah that can't be it, you'd get a message at start that the agriculture task is running...

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You had me wondering for a sec, cause actually I did use it, I wanted a lazy run. But that's not them. Those were like 4-5 seeds per variety, Im talking 21lb worth of grain, plus another bag, plus 2 full boxes. And it was much later.

Im mostly responding to this to wonder whether doing the tutorial was related. I think the items popped after it was finished. I also chose to do the advanced one afterwards, just cause I haven't done it in years. So while none of this *appears* related, what do I know, maybe it's worth noting it.


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You don't happen to have settled very near a settlement (something like 3 world tiles)?

There have been reports of village produce being placed in such settlements. If that is the case, your moving of "their" bag of grain would probably tag it as "taken".

I do the game courses with my characters and have never experienced something similar.

The work around for the settlement issue is to resettle...


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Yep, you might be right on the money with that.

I built on a river and there's a settlement opposite my cabin on the other side of the river, maybe 2-3 tiles diagonally. A few tiles away from me, on my side, is some of their communal land. For what it's worth, I didn't have a punt for the first few months and only visited that village once, and that only to talk to their sage. The first bag appeared before I ever made it there. I never bought or even touched any of their stuff. But all that may have nothing to do with it, if as you say the system just generates produce randomly in nearby tiles.

So, Sami, we may have narrowed it down for you, ball is in your court. :)

I'll either resettle or just retire this char in the meantime. Thanks to both of you, good to see familiar names around still.