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I think adding some rare and hard to find sites would add a cool element to the game.  These would be similar to some of the starting scenarios, such as you find a partially completed cabin or an abandoned trap fence.  Even just an occasional abandoned shelter would be a neat find while you're tracking an animal through the woods. 


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After a few years there will be plenty of shelters around, as there's one for each wounded adventurer (at least the shelters you've found. I'm not sure about failed/ignored quests), ones you've made, and sometimes ones made by robbers (again, I don' know if they leave those behind when leaving on their own). I haven't found any outside of quests, though (others have reported finding treasures outside of quest rewards).

For other things, I don't think it would add much, as you'd find a half built cabin long after you've built your own, etc.

One thing at least some people would want to see are Njerp war camps, which are supposed to still exist but be rare, but I've never seen any apart from the ones from the escaping slave starting scenario.


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I actually think it would add some fun flavor to the game, even if the structures themselves aren't advantageous to the player. Especially if building decaying process gets added at some point...imagine finding a mossy, half fallen in homestead and seeing if you can salvage timbers or deciding to just leave it to the ghosts...

I thought I read somewhere in a game file that the traditional method of slash and burn agriculture involved relocating the whole village after the soil was no longer fertile. I'd love to see remnant villages, maybe with straggling bits of crops mixed with the weeds...

Maybe some scattered rusty artifacts (or actual treasures?) hidden in the ruins?

I once stumbled on some human bones out in the idea if it was a Njerp  I killed the year before or an unlucky hunter, but it was kind of spooky and fun to find.


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I THINK human bones are actually different depending on their source. I collect them, and my main pile has two stacks of human bones, and I've killed Njerps and robbers (The trader who managed to get itself killed in my bear trap was burned [which required a lot of effort, due to the bugginess of large fires causing them to stop burning shortly after you leave], and the same with posse members killed during robber fights, so I don't have any bones of civilized people to compare with).
To keep the bones from the dog they're placed on skerries in the rapids...

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I think this would be great.  I always love the idea that there might be hidden things out in the world that I've never seen