Topic: 'During midsummer' not working correctly?  (Read 2333 times)


« on: February 21, 2018, 11:07:01 AM »
I'm using Buiodda's craft's sheep shearing (which I believe comes from Rain's Clothing v3), and one part of the recipe is
{[NEARBY_TILE:ground]}          'During midsummer'
This sort of works in that most of the year shearing is not permitted. However, the timing seems to be wrong, as I failed to shear my sheep last year because the recipe claimed the time was wrong, despite UrW showing the time as being midsummer. I was late in shearing due to being caught up in other tasks (as well as not trying before UrW claimed it was midsummer), so I probably tried it after the midsummer point. This year I tried to make sure not to make the same mistake, so I've tried shearing way too early, and managed to shear the sheep at day 1, 9 weeks before the midsummer point. It thus seems the timing actually results in summer before midsummer (but it didn't work a few days earlier, so the cutoff may well be 9 weeks).
A question then is whether it's a deficiency of the mod script or if the mod indication is off, i.e. a bug in UrW's mod support?
I'll try shearing after the midsummer point to find the approximate cutoff time at that side, but it will be some time before I get there.


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My understanding is that the string "During midsummer" is just that, a visual string when you use the mod. It's essentially a role playing guideline.

The NEARBY_TILE just checks that you have "ground" nearby, so it should work unless you are surrounded by not-ground tiles (here's a list).

It's essentially a hack that requires self-discipline, without any proper game support.


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Thanks, that probably explains it. My sheep is tied to a birch inside my "stable", and I'm fairly sure my successful attempt was made standing in the doorway (meaning I had ground outside), while the failed attempts probably were made inside (where I've got floor/ceiling, walls, and two birches (the second one for the cow).
A floor/ceiling inside the "stable" means there won't be a bazillion tracks for UrW to keep track of there, and tying the animals to trees means they won't escape when the door is opened by hirelings.

I knew there was a significant amount of role playing involved (such as having a sheep and shearing only once).