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« on: February 07, 2018, 01:33:02 PM »
Since there are no poisonous berries in the game, it is just too safe to eat unknown berries. If there were a few poisonous berries in the game, the survival part of the game would be a little bit more interesting. It would also make the herblore skill a little bit more useful.

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This is possible with mods - my random plant mod, for example, has a chance of generating poisonous berries (each type of berry has a 10% chance of being poisonous, with an equal weight to each type of poison).

I agree that it'd be great to see poisonous berries actually included in the vanilla game, though. Eating unknown plants carries so little risk (and no risk at all with berries) that the herblore skill is basically useless as long as you don't go around eating strange mushrooms.


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fennec, I love your random plant mod. I really, really love it. Just wanted to drop by and say that