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s What's happening in my Unreal World?

Well, a curious social phenomenon has taken over local communities: a massive amount of sixteen-year-olds are trading their places in villages, farms and coastal settlements for a life in the wilds.

They seem to be driven by what's described as "a sudden call for adventure". The majority of these young hermits fails to survive the winter, unfortunately.

Sages are aghast.

Seriously, though, I just started playing, and I also just found these forums. Nice to meet everyone.

December 31, 2022, 09:26:18 PM
Improve stone tools a little I am currently playing as a neolithic hunter in the far north east, using only stone tools.  It looks like despite my 98% hideworking skill, the best I can get is a harsh fur or leather.

I understand that the stone knife and axe are supposed to be used in only the most desperate situations; but it would be nice to see them upgraded, or even a "knapped stone" version of each - much harder to make but almost as good as their metal counterparts.

Here's a recent paper on stone tools in neolithic Finland, if anyone is interested!

EDIT:  I forgot to mention the enormous difference between butchering with a stone knife as opposed to any metal knife.  I admit to not having done the sums, but it seems a stone knife gets you less than a quarter of the yield you get with metal knives.  Make the stone knife butchery yield less and take longer, yes - but surely not by such a drastic amount?

EDIT 2:  The disparity is even more pronounced chopping firewood with a stone axe.  With Timbercraft skill at 92%, it takes over eight hours to make around 22 firewood from a block.

January 03, 2023, 07:45:01 PM
Re: "RPG" stat mod I don't wish to put a downer on anything, but this seems like a lot of work for what could be accomplished with a simple spreadsheet that people could download and fill out as they play. 

If you do want to make it, I suggest rarity should be a factor in assigning experience tokens to kills - a snake or polecat is a much harder kill to get than an elk, for example.  Not in the number of axe blows required of course, but in the time invested to find or trap one!

I would also add triple experience for killing anything for the first time.  Maybe replace "significant trade" for "traded masterwork item", too.

January 04, 2023, 06:06:44 PM
Re: Magic Mod! 1.1 (Updated 1-18-2021)
Took a break from updating BAC to polish up my true love: magic!<snip>
Wow! this, is... magical! ;)

Any active development for this wonderful game is good news for me.
Also, I think, this is the first new mod release of year 2023, so congratulations on being the first as well! Keep up the good work!

January 05, 2023, 02:14:19 AM
Re: [3.72#1 Windows 10 Steam] Dog names causing sound effects?
Maybe now it's time to let it go...

Please do not! It's such a nice "feature" for the magic mod, the little ritual sound effect that triggers with appropriately named recipes...

I guess we won't invest time to deliberately get rid them,
but they are prone to disappear along the way as the code evolves and we're not making effort to deliberately save them either.

January 06, 2023, 05:08:45 PM
Re: [3.72] Community Bod BAC: Smith, Cooking, Survival, Carpentry, Sewing and More! Bug in LoydettyTarvike() function. Report!

Just had this message appear while crafting a dipnet from this mod.  It doesn't seem to have crashed anything, and I made the dipnet successfully.

Running Windows 10 and Steam 3.72#1

"Report" was in big scary red letters, so am reporting!  Save available.

January 25, 2023, 08:02:52 PM
Krutzel's Spirited Sprites
Spoiler: Original Post: • show

Hey y'all, I've been drawing sprites for this game for years, but never really released anything myself.
I contributed to Wickham's Graphical Enhancement Project back in the day, and have a few sprites in the base game now, and did all the sprites for Night's Character Designer. Still working on that one, once in a while.

Anyways, I decided to share some of what I have made up to now, currently I'm working on making animals and NPCs in 8 directional sprites, and I'm interested in what you guys think.

Also, I noticed "Galgana's creature sprites" has a few animals with w after the name, does that enable winter version sprites?

I will update when I have more to share, I hope to have a complete graphics pack one day. Enjoy!

Spirited Sprites is purely a graphical mod with focus on realism and esthetics.
A large portion of the pack is adding 8 directional sprites to the game, both NPCs and animals.
All animals are completely remade with 3d references, while NPCs are based on the original game sprites.

NB, you have to be logged in on the forums to download, links in the bottom of the post.

Installation and Use:
Unpack in truetile folder and overwrite all.
Alternatively unpack somewhere else, and copy over the files you want.
Copy over wanted files from Spirited Sprites Optional folder. Note the truegfx images need to be copied to the right folder.

Use "a-SS-summer.bat" and "a-SS-winter.bat" to change back and forth from snowcovered graphics.
Press F9 in game to update graphics.

Content and old changelog:
Spoiler: Content and changelog: • show


Changes has been made in released versions.

Old Preview Changelog:

ter-walls - added a few pixels length to support t-juctions.
ter-prepsoil - new tilled soil sprite.
ter-kotacamp - flipped to fit general lighting direction.
ter-ground - new ground sprite.
ter-gcmoss - new moss ground sprite.
ter-cellar - changed perspective to be top down.
ter-road - changed colors to fit new ground.
gui-horizon - new sprite.
it-skis - new sprite for 8 directional movement.
cur-facedirs - reduced size, as 8 dir. sprites make facing easy to read.
cur-pcdirs - same as above.
ter-firepla - Changed colors and contrast.
flo-heather - New sprite for heather. Shown as large patch, instead of small plant.
ter-ypine - new sprite, fits the spruce trees better in style.
ter-bunk - rotated to fit fallen direction east-west.
Dog changed to look like an Elkhund instead of a Buhund.Recolored reindeer sprite.
Started to convert animals to black outlines, as is looks a bit better when sprites are recolored in-game, and increases contrast between sprites. Not sure about this though..
Included wrong wall files. Fixed.
Minor changes to several sprites.

Old Changelog 1.2:
All animals are now included.
remofire - reused my old sprite from Wickhams G.P.
embers - new sprite to fit burt out fire.
suna stove - new sprite for greater difference between the two.
Pine tree, same as the tall version, but shortened. Included as default.
blood - new sprite, less saturated.
Bird tracks made by Galgana - for black grouse, hazel grouse, capercaillie, raven, eagle owl, goshawk and mallard. Thank you!
Tall spruce and completely new pine trees that fits the style better. (optional)
8 directional player characters in 8 directions. (optional)
Snowcovered boulder and evergreen trees. (optional)

Spirited Sprites 1.3.1:

Fixed typo in .bat file. Thank you paulkorotoon!

Npc - all npcs included, same ones as we know and love, now in 8 directional sprites.
Included .bat files as per suggestion of Galgana, to change between snowcovered trees and bloulder + hare winter fur.
Plants - Barley, nettle, sorrel and river reed - More pronounced outlines, and experimenting with multiple plants for plants where it makes sense to grow more dense.
Fire - New sprite in pixel art style.
tahtitaivas - Added northern lights to loading screen. (optional)
logo - added Spritited Sprites logo to main screen. (optional)

Terms of use:
The animal sprites are created by me, and you can use them for what ever you want.
Everything else (with a few exceptions) is derived from the game sprites, and can be used for what ever you want, as long as it is ONLY used to mod UnReal World. (As per the terms stated in truetile readme)
Feel free to contact me if in doubt.
Credits are appreciated, but not necessary.

Due to forum file size limitations, I had to part the zip file in 3. Alternative downloads:

Google Drive

NB, you have to be logged in on the forums to download from the underlying links.

February 18, 2023, 10:26:32 PM