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So first of all i will say that this question is not so related with URW but its related with finland.I could not find this information on web and i need it for my research.

So the question is what was the population of finland in viking era(early middle ages).i could find pop in 20 century,15,14 but age that im researching is from 800-1066 AD.if you can find something please reply.
I know coastal areas had most inhabitats but knowing population of continental findland would be very neat.



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Let's think about it this way: to know the population at certain land area requires that there is someone keeping a record of inhabitants. Central government or some such entity performing caucuses and writing documents. Well, did any of that exists in Finland during 800 - 1066 AD? Nope. So, the reason you aren't finding the population numbers is most likely because of nobody knows. Guesses based on archaelogic findings are wildy inaccurate, at best.