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« on: December 24, 2017, 08:45:56 AM »
Hey guys and assorted UnReal Worlders. I'm back for my yearly foray into the unreal world and this time I bring you Inari of Seal-Tribe; my season 2 youtube playthrough. Better sound quality, better production quality and (hopefully) better gameplay.

This time with a few mods: Honey and Mead mod from the very fine Privateer, Jaredonians Character models for a little bit of good looking character cheer, the UrW Self Sufficiency mod from Caethan.

Hope to see you guys along for the ride and feel free to offer any suggestions on how you would like to see the story developing.


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Episode 2 out and running free in the wild. Getting the basics done up although everything is temporary. I'm planning on a more migratory character this time around.


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Episode 3 - things get a little more exciting. A minor recording mishap means we rejoin Inari slightly further into the future than where we left him. There is still plenty of action available though and things keep progressing.


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Episode 4 sees some stability for food and basic resources finally come upon us. Survival came easy and Inari is beyond the worst of it. The real question now is what is he going to do now that his life is no longer in immediate danger? The future might hold time to explore the various mods installed and more opportunity for raiding neighbours for resources.


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This episode has come out a bit late due to the joys of New Year and the Christmas period.

Episode 5 poses a difficult moral question. Inari wants to make some metal tools for utility as well as future trade potential. There is a leather requirement and Inari lacks the resources to produce leather. He does, however, have a giant lumbering friend - the last remaining vestige of his old life. Should he kill the beast for resources or keep it for sentimental reasons and future hauling capability?


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I always use a couple of bird skins for that first batch of leather for tongs.  Poor reindeer!  At least you haven't named it yet. :D

It's fun seeing someone else figuring out how my mod works. 


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Poor reindeer!  At least you haven't named it yet. :D

 If you do be sure to make it into leather NOT a tanned fur  8)


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@Privateer - indeed. Will need to make sure to dehair it first. That would be a ....disappointing... mistake to make.

@caethan - It is a good idea. On the other hand I suffer from being both horribly out of practice as well as not very good at finding anything. My trapping is abysmal, my knowledge of how trapping works is bad, and it is very early spring so there is not a lot of easy to catch leather running around just yet.