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I'm playtesting some changes to my self-sufficiency mod and thought I'd make a story out of it and see just how self-sufficient I can make myself. 

Suli Reemilainen went out for a walk north of Reemi territory one autumn and found himself robbed, beaten, and left with almost nothing.  Vowing to forswear the company of men forever, he set out into the wilderness to make a living his own way.  He begins by taking stock of himself:

Without any great aptitude for any particular skill other than the bow, he has trained in trapping and tanning small game in his village, knows the basics of timbercraft and carpentry, and has of course some basic knowledge of sowing and reaping.  Likely he can survive through the winter on small game, hoping to set up a small field next spring.  His crafting knowledge gives him some hope of being able to forge some tools to make his life easier.

Unfortunately, the robbers were not merciful; among other smaller cuts and bruises, they broke his shoulder and ribs quite badly (71% injury!).  He found his broad knife nearby when he awoke, and the robbers must have been scared away while they stripped him, as all his clothes but his tunic remain, including a cloak and hood that should help him keep warm during the upcoming winter.

Shuffling off, he hopes to find some water and herbs he can use to treat his injuries, along with some berries or roots to sustain him until he can set up some snares for game.  As he walks towards the nearest river, a stag struts right in front of him, as if knowing he is unarmed and too weak to kill it.  Suli eyes the stag hungrily until it is out of sight.

Suli makes his way to the shores of a nearby lake.  Goldeneye, mallards, and grouse call constantly, and he sees signs of foxes and ermines that hunt the birds here.  The lake reeds along the shore offer the prospect of food for the next few weeks.  Suli decides to rest here and recover from his injuries while gathering food for the winter.  With the extent of his injuries, it takes him most of the day to erect a simple shelter to keep the rain off his back.  He builds a small fire and roasts some of the roots he gathered, thinking of all the work he has to do and wincing whenever he moves from his broken bones.
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