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I'm starting this thread as a place for people to post their stories after trying out "The Challenge" as posted by nekot in the General Discussion forum :)


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My first run did not go well.

I started with several minor puncture wounds, as well as two severe cuts in the abdomen. I cut my shirt into bandages, applied them to the worst wounds, and headed West in hopes of finding a river. After a full day of walking, and eventually stumbling through the darkness in the seemingly endless lichenous pine forest before finally succumbing to the cold and starting a fire for the night, I happened upon a great deal of lingonberry bushes. Oh what a joyous find! After filling up as best I could on the berries, I noticed the sun was rising and I was feeling desperately thirsty, so I continued my journey.

After two more days of travelling in this manner, I hadn't found anything in the way of something to drink. I found more than enough lingonberries to keep my stomach full, but I could tell that my body was weakening from hunger, and the berries could only sate my thirst so much; I had to find water.

Two more days, still no water to be found, but those berries are everywhere and I seemed to be cursed by them! To only have enough to feel full, but know that your body is falling apart for lack of real nutrition, it's maddening! It was on the sixth night that I found my reprieve...

The sun was down and I could barely see even a meter in front of me, but I just couldn't stop my body from moving forward. I needed water, I needed it more than anything in the world, and even the numbing cold was a mere nuisance in comparison to the nail of thirst that was driving itself into me. I was exhausted and confused as I trudged on in the pitch black of the night, but I was aware enough to hear the crack of ice as I blindly stepped onto the frozen surface of the lake. As I felt the ice give way beneath me, I had a feeling of bitter happiness; I found water! Once I was fully submerged I realized that I was too tired to make my way back to shore, and smiled because I knew now that I wouldn't have to wander aimlessly through this frozen wasteland anymore, nor would I worry about thirst or hunger. The sun came up just as I felt myself slipping into my icy sleep, and I looked to the forest one last time. My smile turned to a frown at what I was gazing upon, and my final thought hit my mind like a hammer: "Lingonberries...dammit."


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Good effort! :)
After two weeks I'm still on berries trying to find any constant source of water.

One thing - you supposed to have nothing when you start! (All clothing and other items should be destroyed).


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Yes I suppose I cheated a bit in that sense lol I did destroy the pants and hat that I started with, but I was suffering from blood loss at the start so I didn't have much choice other than to cut the shirt up for something to stop the bleeding :P Also, after dying, I found out that I was South of Kuikka tribe land-forgot to add that into the story