Topic: Make high carpentry/textilecraft not the only path to "superior" quality items  (Read 1299 times)

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It seems like there are certain items that are impossible or nearly impossible to obtain at higher qualities unless on is a skilled/master carpenter -- arrows and skis in particular. It seems like villages only have arrows in standard quality, and skis they don't have at all. This is also true of textilecraft -- yarn is only in villages in ordinary quality. AFAICT currently the only way to get fine/superior yarn is to make it oneself. As it is, it makes carpentry seem like of overvalued skill: it provides a unique path to certain items that can't be obtained otherwise, which is not true of other skills.

So if you have a grandmaster bowman or skiier, to fully exploit that skill, it seems like they also have to be a master carpenter (and for a bowman, also a skilled textilecrafter).

If one wants some perfect boards, one just has to find a (grand)master timbercrafter and give them a masterwork axe. It's not 100% easy, but it's easier than increasing the skill.

If you want perfect/masterwork almost anything else, you can find it somewhere in Driik or on a trader. The most I've ever seen foreign traders carry is fine arrows.

One suggestion would be to make higher-quality versions of arrows and yarn available in villages. And perhaps to make skis and ski sticks available at all for sale (including at higher qualities).

Another method would be to have companions make arrows/yarn/skis, and have potential companions tell you what their carpentry skill level is. This is on the dev map, but might be a further reason to prioritize. 


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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2024, 05:59:10 PM »
And think there’s a need to adjust the fixed level raw material limiting end product by a step. Decent should be doable to Fine by master crafter.

Couple corrections/addendum:
Foreign traders do sell Superior arrows and broadhead arrows.
MW axe is not needed to produce Perfect boards. Fine splitting axe or woodman’s axe will do.
Perfect yarn is not needed to make MW arrows, fine will do. Biggest threshold to make MW arrows are perfect boards/slat and high carpentry.
Making bow uses [noquality] on the bowstring so it doesn’t affect the output making short bows.