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Hi all, first time on the forums. I've been playing an active hunter owl tribe character, and I rerolled him too many times probably to the point that he's too successful. He has high strength, endurance, sight and hearing (among others) Active hunting is quite easy, and was so more or less from the start. I want to have a different, more challenging experience where I do more passive hunting.

The idea of doing a trap fence is appealing, but the randomness of spawns that I have seen thus far makes me worried about the efficacy of doing so. I've seen people say to lay down traps where high traffic is noticed, but I have not noticed any common routes or patterns among the larger animals. They just seem to be found randomly after roaming the map.

Once a herd of reindeer spawn in(or discovered) I have noticed I can fairly reliably find them for a number of days afterwards in the same area to get a second or third or fourth kill, but then move on or despawn. Do we know which it is? If they do move on, do they follow some type of "trail" or other pattern? Is there some sort of north/south migration through the seasons, or is this simulated by spawn rates?

I have a tough time wanting to invest in a trap fence if animals randomly spawn/despawn with no pattern, but if there are actual patterns of migration, I'd love to see that play out. If I just hunker down in an area will I see that?


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From the development page, bold print is implemented, normal print is planned for the future.

From what I've read on others experiences, and partially my own, animals mostly frequent around sources of water, within their regions of the map, generally in their preferred terrains. trap fences are generally used for predators or migratory animals such as elk or deer. You can also have more success by baiting your traps with different foods to attract certain animals.

The game populates a lot of things automatically overtime, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are respawn mechanics in one form or another.

The ingame encyclopedia also has excellent information on the animals in the game, and their behaviors. (F1 Key)

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