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1. Weapons used in the battle can get damaged and break.
2. high quality items are more durable, low quality ones wear out faster
3. Shafts of spears, axes and the like being able to break and needing to be shafted again once in a while

I see it on development page, maybe i played got experience without 3(not work in now)

i have 1 idea
handy tools blade need Blunt, sharhp stone and down to Quality

1. if
stone axe quality drop decent to rough for fell tree 20 time
quality drop instead break tools(delete item in world), becuse it is stone and make able tools

2. if
masterwork Woodsman's Axe use on fell tree 100 more time
not a drop to quality becuse best tools for felling trees and that msterwork
if try more 500 time? masterwork drop to fine

how to prevent
- need a quality damaged masterwork and damaged fine for repair
- use sharpen stoen on damaged tools, return to not damaged

can't repair to stone tools, arrowheaad

20, 100 500 time is anytime can change
but short time? like reallity work and boring
i want play this idea with some some some some some sometime
game is game, boring is boring

thank you read my ruin english

happy new year
have a good day
have a good time
have a good think and memory

enjoy life and game!


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Item wear is an enable/disable option in settings.
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About all of it is already on the dev.plans
Shaft and haft replacement, breakage in battle, sharpening blades.