Topic: Foreign Traders’ trading and merchandise.  (Read 196 times)


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« on: February 07, 2021, 07:00:21 AM »
2 part suggestion to add flexibility and variations to Foreign Traders.

1st part, (possibly costly to implement, but with trading benefits applicable to villages too)
When selecting items for trade, allow selection from all of the traders inventories. At the moment, we need to deal with each trader individually, and as the traders don’t offer “change” for more expensive furs, often wasteful and also IRL time consuming trying to juggle the bartering to 1) be accepted 2) not overpay for the goods.

2nd part, add Salt, also in smaller containers than bags to their offered goods. Birchbark boxes and baskets, possibly pouches (2-3lbs) and satchels 4-6lbs). Infrequently have them also carry and offer for sale period correct, foreign/exotic weapons: franciscas, Dane axes, langseaxes, winged thrusting spears, hewing or chopping spears ‘höggspjót’, barbed throwing spears ‘krókspjót’, halberds ‘atgeir’. As for skills needed/used: francisca and Dane are axe, langseax could use either knife or sword, all spears use spear, höggspjót and halberd: spear for thrusting, maybe axe for cutting, or KISS and only use spear.
Maybe some peculiar plants too: carrots, lettuce (cabbages at least were in previously), hogweed, onions.
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