Topic: Replacing pounds (Lbs) with kilograms (Kg) in options.  (Read 285 times)


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Why not?


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Why not?

Topic has been discussed here before if you'd like to see what other people think:
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And in inverse, distances in dialogue and Wilderness&Zoom In map should also be optionally given in:
Vaaksa (~6” or ~15cm) ‘extender thumb to index finger’
Kyynärä (~24” or ~60cm) ‘finger tip to elbow’
Syli (~72” actual 70.16”, ~182cm, actual 178.2cm) ‘arms’ span’, fathom
Virsta(from Russian “verst”)*1, 2/3 mile, 1/5 of peninkulma. And also later 1/10 peninkulma
Peninkulma / Penin kuuluma (dog’s bark hearing) 5 virsta, about 3-1/3 modern miles, or 5.3-ish kilometers.

Metric system came to be several hundred years later than ingame era Iron Age*2/Dark ages; with the mishmash “imperial” measurements.

*1 I have no source for the era the term was taken to use, possibly lot later than 1000CE
*2 the Iron Age term used in URW comes from Finnish term Rautakausi, which starts from “early”500 BCE -400CE, pre-Roman-Roman. “middle Iron Age”, 400CE - 825 CE, migration/Merovingian. “Late Iron Age”, 825–1075/1100 (also the crusades 1075/1100-1300. But the metal commonly used was actually steel. Not just iron. Common mistake when translating...