Topic: Shelter(s), rain&snow cover, mobile winter hunting.  (Read 293 times)


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« on: May 05, 2020, 04:39:29 AM »
We have our 3 slender trunk (presumably 2 half cut, snapped &bent, without needing any tying equipment. Although dismantling returns 3 intact slender trunks, not 1 and 2 half cut&split/cracked) shelter with spruce twig roof.

One of the mods (BAC) has punt shelter, but it has to replace the current shelter, both can't be active at same time.

I've been scouring sources available on US west coast... slim, about 'loue' a: "single pole, cord and cover shelter's" history.
It's *the Finnish hunting trip shelter from rain & heat reflector*, but I can't really find anything beyond early 1920s.

I can't come to accept that people 1,000, 2,000, 3,000... even 6,000 years ago would've not used some hides (tanned hide, fur coat, fur cloak in URW terms) to set up overnight shelter during inclement weather. To be taken down in the morning and heading back on the unknown wilderness.

So the suggestions:

1) 'Loue' shelter (as we don't have sq. ft. on the hides, I'd like to see 10lbs-20lbs fur*, 8 ft tying equipment and proximity of 'slender trunk' providing tree: standing, not felled or 1 slender trunk)
2) fur ... bivouac? (10+lbs fur, 2x 6ft tying equipment and 2 stakes)
3) More than 1, moddable shelter/world item type... ( this could be a PAIN to code... ick)
4) current shelter to require 2x2ft ( so even a single birch withe, cut in 2 would suffice, "teach newbies about cordage" etc) tying material OR disassembling shelter to return only 1 slender trunk and 2 new item "cracked slender trunk" with the 20 twigs.

*if/when we get textile crafts in vanilla, sewing a flax and/or hemp cloth for the cover cloth should be included. considerably lighter weight than fur.
FYI Cotton&vinyl cloth loue cover weights around 6lbs with cordage. Doesn't need oil treating for water proofing, angling steep suffices and keeps weight down.
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