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Been trying to have companions support a raid on an Nerjpez camp.

Even using stay they keep going forward into battle.

Cornan has 2 companions with him, an adventurer and a hunter. It is early morning in Center month (day 5 of the 13th week before summer) so it is moderately dark. Sight is about 10 ish squares on the local map.

One time I had them in low ground and they wandered out to start fighting the camp. This was about 10 local squares into the tree line around the camp.

Another time I was more like 20-30 local map squares back hiding them with the Stay command. The adventurer stayed put. The hunter made a straight line to the enemy camp. This later one seems more out of place given that there was no way they could see the enemy both by light range and numerous layers of trees blocking sight to the clear camp. Then the Nerjpez would have been a few to many tiles into the clear camp. This seems the hunter either has a vengeful wish or its a bit of a bug.

A game file for testing raiding methods with companions is available but is too large to post to the forum.

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That's what you get for hiring a hunter named Leeroy.


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This time I hid them behind the trees in a shallow ~15 squares south east of the Nerjpez camp clearing. Gave them both the Stay command.

Off they went.

If you look at the picture you can also see my character's visibility to see isn't even fully across the local map yet. If they were on the edge of the clearing they might barely see in. Yet they were farther in cutting off vision range. There were lines of trees too.

They are even going up to the Nerjpez buildings closing the door. Very considerate of them.

Very much not being good doggies under "Stay"


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This is fixed now, and companions do not engage into fights anymore if they are commanded to stay.
I don't know if their "should I attack" checks were ever excluded with the use this command as this feature was originally coded in 2004... 14 years ago. It may be
that back then they were just frozen in place, even aggressive, and when things with the game did evolve they slowly got into moving again. Original name of the command was called "Wait here" but archives clearly speak of the use to keep companions out of trouble. So now it works in the fashion as originally intended, once again.

Code: [Select]
       * "Wait here"
         This commands someone to stand still until you  give
         him/her a permission to move again. This way you can
         keep your companions out of trouble and prevent them
         from going somewhere  you  don't want  them  to  go,
         for example not to rush into the fight.

Fixed - persists in 3.62.
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