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« on: December 13, 2019, 05:43:41 PM »
These two awaited features are coming up for the next release.

 - added: chat option to ask for a sage in the village
          When chatting with NPCs there's now a way to find out ask if there's a sage in the village.
          "Is there a sage around?" chat line can be found from "Ask for help/company" chat options.
          If there's a sage you will be told his whereabouts in the village.

NOTE: Yes it would be great if the villagers would direct you to the nearest sage in surrounding villages if they don't have one of their own. This is to be likely added in the future, but now (to stay in schedule with the release) we were out of time to start working on it.

 - added: fence gate

          Gates can be opened and closed just like doors. They can be also built by player character
          from Make menu under Building options.

These are future additions, not yet functional in the current version 3.60.
The update featuring these additions - and more - is to be released still in 2019.
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