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I started this project very long time ago, (more than a year) but I not really playing this game very frequently.
Because of that I several times left my enhancement work alone.
Finally, I finished it.

I already posted one example, it was at March 28 2020, in this post, tho' that is about RPG-ish portraits, not the backgrounds.
Take a look, if you are interested.

Here, a few other example, to see what I've done.
(The origial backgrounds are on the left side, the enhanced ones are on the right.)

Motto: "The snow is not blue. Period."

Most of the work I done are just some change in colour-tone, sharpening, and such.
There are some pictures that just doesn't seems to look good, but after enhacing them they look much better:

And there were a few, that because of the low resolution and the very strong lossy compression, they just looks very bad.
But it still can be fixed, you don't need ultra-high-HD resolution, to have a good guality photo. ( 8K my a..   ;D )
Here, take a look at one of those photos:

Enjoy the colorful scenery by downloading the the ZIP from the link, and extracting it over the original backgrounds.


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Is this still available? The download doesn't seem to work anymore.