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Shouldn't making fur and leather clothing be Hideworking instead of Common?

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I think there are a few reasons for the use of the Common skill:
- It allows for starting characters to produce some much needed emergency clothing that helps against the cold (as poor quality clothing is worse). This is more a game balancing measure than a realism one when it comes to the skill used.
- It automatically blocks the production of clothing of a quality better than Decent, as the time it takes to put together UrW clothing doesn't allow for high quality products.

When the process is changed (I believe the long term plans are to revise clothing at some point), the applicable skill ought to be tailoring, i.e. a new skill, although I wouldn't mind if a new category of quickly thrown together clothing covering what characters can make today would be introduced (and which villagers would probably not be prepared to buy).
Proper tailored clothing ought to take much longer to make (requiring the ability to pause/resume the task) than the current process.


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Shouldn't making fur and leather clothing be Hideworking instead of Common?

Clothmaking is very simplified, and we've been thinking of completely new "clothmaking" skill along with some complexity to the process, but these things have delayed and delayed. Generic clothmaking/tailoring skill is also debatable add as technically textilecraft is again very different from leatherworking. And one can also be excellent fur tanner but a lousy clothmaker - so having the both under hideworking have felt tricky too.  I guess because of all this hesitation a proper move hasn't been made.

But yes, fur and leather clothmaking could be made prone to hideworking. (Harnmaster, my all-time favourite inspirational rpg system, has it like that too.) And we could then feature textilecraft later on. We'll consider. It requires adding some additional complexity before the mere change feels justified, though.
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