Topic: [Fixed] 3.60 player crafted clothing issues  (Read 551 times)


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« on: September 17, 2019, 11:24:19 AM »
Hey, I'm posting a bug report! Or at least I think these two are bugs. You can expect a patch within 12 hours, but until then it's good to know that:

1. wrong properties of player crafted clothes made of other materials than leather and fur

          Mixed corrupted values, from coverage aspects to weight, could end up in eg. player crafted birch-bark clothes,
          possibly affecting modded clothes to appear wonky as well. This also resulted in clothes wearing out too soon
          if the weight property was one of the corrupted values.

2. player crafted fur and leather cloth weights calculated wrong

          Finished cloth weights were based on actual material usage, which didn't follow the intended addition of material
          requirements always slightly exceeding the finished cloth weight.

Fixed in just recently released 3.60beta hotfix 1.
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