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I don't know if anyone else has already done something like this, but I couldn't find anything like it so I thought I would share.

Because I was wearing myself and my keyboard out prepping my large fields, I came up with this to save a few keystrokes:

.Drop branches. "Branch" (4) /.1/ \2h\ [noquality]
{Branch} (4) [remove]

I added the \2h\ bit because it kept picking them off the ground instead of from my inventory and I wanted to give myself plenty of time in case I needed to gather more branches to continue.

I've placed it in diy_myTemp.txt that I use for testing things until I figure out a more suitable spot for it. Now I can just 'r' instead of going through the whole 'drop' routine for every single tile.

There might be other uses for this as a template elsewhere, too.

Hope it helps someone else out as much as has me.
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Brygun of the BAC here.

Well you have my attention.

Thoughts 1)
Might rename it something like "Stack kindling" as the actual use for this is to set up fires. New users would see it know what the intention is. A veteran player myself it took me a few turns of gears to click in that "oh this is for starting fires"

Possibly related is making bundles. BAC has a bundle for spruce twig mats useful for having the materials for a shelter as an item count of 1.

You could consider a bundle of twigs of say 40 or 80 or 100 twigs. You would have to unbundle it to access individual branches though.

4 branches is one way but not the only stacking of kindling. I tended to use IIRC a few pieces of firewood and like one branch. Been a while. So if the suggestion for "Stack Kindling" was used a new player might think that branches were the only way to start a fire.

Various thoughts.

I will say it is a clever idea.



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My BAC code for bundling branches and spruce twigs for reference

//Bundle branches
// Housekeeping for many branches

.Bundle many branches. "Wooden stake" *COMMON* [noquality] /2m/
{Branch} (100) [remove] [ground]
[NAME:Branch bundle]
// Desired flotation of own weight
// Assume a few branches are used to entrap the others
// Time is short as this is mostly for game housekeeping

.Unbundle branch bundle. (100) "Branch" /1m/ *COMMON* [noquality]
{Branch bundle} (1) [remove] [ground]

// Spruce mat
// Partly for RP and for storing spruce twigs.
// Now acts as warmth layer for sleeping and two
// count for being wrappted in.
// I decided against swapping the vanilla shelter to
// use this as new players wouldn't know about it
// brygun = original recipe at 20 twigs bundle (for shelter)
// Signatus = figured out method for "fur" sleep benefits
// experiments for wrap done at 20 twig/8lbs and 30/12 lbs
// and 40/16lbs. The 40/16 was found to work

.Spruce mat. "Spruce twig" *COMMON* [noquality] /4m/
{*spruce twig} (40) [remove] [ground]
[NAME:Spruce mat fur]
// As a dismantle item only one input is used, otherwise
// a tying equipment (such as a split spruce twig) would be
// called for

.Dismantle spruce mat. (40) "Spruce twig" *COMMON* [noquality] /2m/
{Spruce mat fur} (1) [remove] [ground]
[NAME:Spruce twig]


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This is mostly to cut down on keystrokes when preparing soil for planting. I suppose I could use your bundling system and remove a measure of weight instead of a number, though.

I've used a bundling system for arrows for a few years now since I accumulate them quite rapidly and use them as my currency. I've also made bales of leather, fur, nettle, linen and wool, and stack them in one of my various smoke houses I have scattered across the world for when I need to repair/craft clothing, etc. I thought about doing the same with iron, but it didn't seem logical so I usually make wrought iron out of those items or trade them off as is for more portable currency.

I haven't checked out the BAC in quite some time since I've been super busy with RL stuff. It looks like you've done quite a bit with it. As soon as I get some free time, I'll try to incorporate it in with my own mods and see what changes I need to make to my mods for compatibility. With any luck, I'll be able to contribute something more to the BAC.


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There was a major update yesterday fixing the pricing for wiki references were in torches but the game engine now uses squirrel hides for [Price] . Mentioning it as other mods may have that hiccup.