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This maybe will sound silly, but is something that urges and haunts me constantly.

Abstract: How can we mod the core?

Let me explain myself...

I am a huge fan of roguelike games, and some other similars to the genre. Every time I play a game that I really get deep into it I look up for mods, just for fun or sometimes to get that feeling of "fresh".

Take for example Mount and Blade. This classic and awesome game that has so many releases and also a vast comunity who makes mods and minor-changes to the entire 'history' behind the game. One of those mods, 'Brytenwalda', was so popular that eventually came to an official release of the developers (TaleWorlds): 'Mount and Blade Viking Conquest'.

Now, my question. Why isn't that kind of mods that change the whole world (NPC's, history, quests, code, etc) in our beloved UnReal World? Is it possible to mod the game to the extent that we can, for example, create a survival-adventure epic of the Nibelungenlied, or the Iliad?

I am a very basic progammer, my knowledge is very limited, but I have the dream to eventually make a mod that offers another history with the support of the Core of UnRealworld that I love so much.

To sum up: Is it possibly to get acces to the kernel of UnReal World and create a whole new 'World'? Change the parameters, the values and so on?

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Unreal World hasn't been built from the ground up as fully moddable (you can mod some parameters - the stuff that's in the diy text files - but not the underlying mechanics), so to mod it, we would need access to the source code, which isn't likely to happen... unless Sami decides one day that he's had enough and releases the code to public domain.... Games like Mount & Blade, or Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim have been made with modding in mind from the start - in their case the game engine is just a sort of interpreter for scripts and resource files which make up the actual game (I belive M&B relies on Python, for example), so they are much easier to mod.


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I'll also add that the big game companies plan on a sales cycle to move from game X to game Y to game Z. So deeper access to the core may happen after you have gone from launch though mid sales to not much left.

Part of that being if you can mod the deep core you could also re-purpose it as a competitive game.

Unreal World is a labor of love, as well as a business, that has been going for years. Its even in the Guinness Book of World Records. It appears to have every intention of continuing as the existing team for years and decades. Allowing very open or open-source access to the base code could cut off the games income. Its a risk they would have to consider.

Now that said...


Alternate world generations is an idea and he could allow more access to parameters but that is some deep level coding changes for a smaller market than other options. For instance multi-year survivors having families and children is also a complex deep coding task.


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Maybe someday I can finish this;


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How about the "Real World Mod" which takes place before humans and spirits split?


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Back in the day, when we wanted to mod a game from its very core - which of course wasn't the term used - or we did create that game by ourselves, more or less from the scratch. :)

Changing the essence is not modding anymore, in my books at least. Our primary mission is to develop this unique iron-age game, and not all-purpose modding script language - so what you'll be able to do with UrW modding is foremostly expanding and tuning the existing.
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