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Can we have different breeds of dogs?

1) Shepherds for sheep and cows
2) large bear hunters that take down bears and wolves
3) Scent hounds/running hounds to flush out fast running prey

Their combat aggresion, running speed, guard abilities would all be different. We would need to get diff dogs for diff jobs, but we would ensure that we get the best possible results possible.

When I hunt bears, I want a 30 inch tank who can go muzzle to muzzle with that ursa and have a high chance of surviving. Of course this tank would be high maintenance and have an insatiable appetite, which is to be expected. He wouldn't be a long distance runner, and thus fail to chase elks and reindeer. He is too aggressive to take care of sheep and cows, and may even eat them.

Then when I hunt reindeer, I want a running hound who can match their speed, and almost always catches up to them. However, he is atrocious at combat, cos such dogs are usually too thin and not aggressive enough.

More complexity for man's best friend. Thank you.

Ara D.

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No single dog has as high chance of surviving muzzle to muzzle with a bear. Low end for a Eurasian brown bear is 150kg/330lb. Bear dogs usually harrass and corner bears not go toe to toe with them. The traditional bear hunter of Finland, the Karelian Bear Dog is only about 20 to 30 kg or 45 to 50 lb. And surprisingly a lot of bigger bear hunters are also used as livestock guardians ie Caucasian Shepards from the Nerjpez land err I mean Russia. But ya I totally would enjoy more depth in ability of dogs


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I've stopped using dogs to chase prey when a reindeer killed my dog...

There'd have to be a lot of work to get dog differentiation to work properly. To start with, they (and henchmen) would need to be capable of following orders even when aggroed, and hunting dogs should harass, but not actually engage, prey, to pin them in place and tire them.

I don't really see a use for sheep dogs for herding in UrW as we could just as well us a fence, and dogs guarding against wolves and bears would need quite radical changes to keep the predators away.