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I'm working on a multiple method to make punts/boats

AFAIK right now the flotation is  fixed # x the weight of the craft

I'd like if there was a [FLOTATION:###] command. This sets the amount of capacity for a water craft.

FLOTATION would be the capacity to float things beyond the craft's own weight. This would include the character's weight, things the character carries and things dropped in the craft

Consider that a log floats at half way up without bark on it

From that 1 Tree trunk floats 500 lbs for its 500 lbs of weight (weight/float ratio 1:1)
(that weight needs to include the character)

Consider that a raft of 3 trunks 1,500 lbs would have 1,500 lbs load

(or Jeb's 3 logs of 1,200lbs floats 1,200 lbs)

Consider that a simple dug out canoe with 400 pounds of wood removed could have the original 500 lbs plus that removal for 900 lbs floated by 100 lb dug out canoe (weight/float ratio  1:9)

A flare out of steaming the side could increase that even more possibly even getting to 1,200 lbs floated, roughly the same as a raft.

Leather used as tarp over wicker framing would also have a high weight/flotation

If we modders could set the flotation we can present various technologies with their own pros and cons much better.

Another factor might be boat durability but nothing I know of can damage a boat.
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The reason the carrying capacity of craft is extremely high is that the game doesn't yet allow you to tow timber, so it's a way to allow you to move timber without making a silly number of trips. I expect the carrying capacity to be adjusted when timber can be towed.


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1) Updating my recommendation of [FLOTATION:###] to include the craft's own weight in the check, an inclusive floating.

At first I was thinking external of the craft's own weight but the program steps checking for flotation would be easier if it just summed all item weight including the craft on the tile

2) Recommend changing the can it float tests as

SUM(weight on tile) vs (weight of water craft x factor)


SUM(weight on tile) vs SUM(FLOTATION) on tile

3) Assign the trunk and logs flotation equal to their weight

Now you could tow trunks and logs as they provide as much flotation as they do weight. this is detected in the SUM(FLOTATION) step

Small pieces of wood while they do float will tend to drift apart during movement so could be excluded.

Or... you could assign board, block, slender trunk etc a FLOTATION equal to their own weight but I think thats unnecessary. there are lots of examples of towing trunks and logs but many small pieces aren't known to be done in real life (very much)

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