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Hi, I have always wanted good travel food ingame, so I drew this mod up. A single biscuit will fill you a little and is light, but they have low nutrition, I store them in my hunting and trapping camps overwinter so I dont have to fish and hunt for food when I get there.


-Changed to ingredient dependent nutrition v1.1
I also intend to make more preserved foods on this thread.

-v1.2 for 3.32
changed cooking and prep time and reduced likelihood of tasty hardtack.
should be better now... sorry for the long wait (not that anyone cares, ive been busy with school and just lazy). Anyway, enjoy... feedback appreciated.

-v1.3 for 3.40 beta 3 I think
changed batch size, and therefore changed math of ingredients. (based on old civil war recipe)
tiny mod for now but I do want to expand it... maybe in a few months... Thats all for now, as always hope this mod can better your urw experience... feedback is welcome.  :D

-v1.4 for newest version lol
made the recipe a make a lil more sense, less weird numbers. as always feedback is welcome...

-v1.5 for 3.50 beta?
changed pot to bowl, who the hell makes dough in a pot lmao, also removed the [ground] modifier.

-v1.6 for 3.51
messed with the numbers some more, it cooks in batches of a dozen and the ingredient weights make more sense.

-v1.6.1 for 3.51
decided to mess with the timing some more, i think the mod as a whole is in a much better state than it was. also removed requirement for bowl to increase consistency with vanilla recipes.

-v1.7.0 for 3.5x
upped seasoning requirement to be consistent with the ratios found in vanilla flatbread. Also increased the penalty on the quality of hardtack made.

-v1.8.0 for 3.7x
Reworked ingredient requirements which were previously based on faulty math. Also raised cooking time significantly in accordance with reference recipe. This version is considerably more realistic.


1. This mod also uses the it-biscuit graphic from Bedlams Njerp cookery mod (which i recommend), it is attached as an image, just drag it into your base truetile folder. (you may need to rename the image "it-biscuit" without quotes of course).

2. Here is the code just paste it into your Cookery Glossary under baking:
Code: [Select]
.Hardtack. (12)    *COOKERY* /20/ \240\ %-10% |-1| 
{Flour}     #2#   [remove] [roast] [name]
{Water}    #1#  [remove]
{Seasoning} #.6#  [remove] [roast] [optional]

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updated to v1.4  :D


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Would "pot", with the first letter lowercase, work? Shouldn't it be "{Pot}"?


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It works as far as i can tell. Might as well change it though.


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Hey kids, its been updated again. you can update to the newest version if ya want.


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updated for v1.6


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Thanks. Im using it now to.

I've also heard hardtack called twice baked bread. An alternate approach would be to rebake the flat breads but I don't know if the UrW recipe system would accept it. Either way some "iron rations" you can knock a squirrel out with are good to have.

Speaking of which... has anyone tried throwing their hard tack at game animals?


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updated to v1.7.0


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updating BAC entry to 1.7.0 version


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Updated for 3.7x