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Faatal's Lightweight BAC fork v1.3 (BAC v082)

For the past months, I have been playing with a tweaked version of the excellent BAC mod. The BAC mod can be found here: Although BAC mod is great, I had found it a bit extensive for my tastes and decided to scale parts down and add some minor tweaks of my own. These tweaks are mostly designed to remove components I either just never needed/wanted, as well as removing minorly anachronistic crafting recipes. Specific changes are too numerous to be described here and are instead described in the README.txt and README_CHANGES.txt files included in the mod. To be clear this mod was almost entirely developed by Brygun and the Community, all I have done is removed some recipes and modified some others. The one addition that I have made that is entirely absent from stock BAC is that I have added Privateer's woodstack mod v3.5. Also included in this mod is my hardtack mod which is packaged into BAC by default. I will try to keep this mod up to date with the latest BAC mod version. For (almost) every new BAC update there will be an update to this mod.

There is a fairly exhaustive list of contributors to the BAC mod, and therefore this one included in the BAC README's which are packaged with this mod. That said, a special thanks to Brygun.

Who Should Use This Mod:
Almost no one. It was and still is designed with exclusively my personal needs in mind. Please try out the stock BAC mod out before this one. The stock mod is fantastic. If you want to use my version I recommend reading through the changes I have made which can be found in the README_CHANGES.txt file. If these changes suit you, feel free to install and use the mod. To be clear this mod is not meant to compete with or replace the BAC mod in any way. The purpose of this mod is to cater to a very niche audience of myself and (perhaps) a few others.

All questions regarding mod mechanics and bugs should be directed towards Brygun, I did not write the BAC mod and am not intimately familiar with it's workings. Furthermore, all of the READMEs that come stock with the BAC mod are included for convenience in the "legacy BAC mod docs" folder.

Install Instructions:
Install information can be found in the included README.txt file.

v1.0 (BAC v047) - initial version
v1.1 (BAC v050) - updated to new BAC files, slightly tweaked some recipes, and removed some others, updated relevant README files.
v1.1 hotfix (BAC v050) - fixed a few errors.
v1.2 (BAC v050) - myriad small changes, an added graphic, removed some recipes that were made obsolete by my changes, BIY fixes.
v1.3 (BAC v082) - overhaul to new BAC version

Much love.
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Just wanted to say thank you for this! I've been slowly tweaking BAC for my own playstyle as well, and having a list of changes that you've found useful has been great for me potentially making further tweaks to my own. :)


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Enjoy, good journey and if you come up with good ideas mention them in the main BAC thread for possible inclusion.

Which is my way of saying this fork project has the blessing of the original mod.

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Thank you Brygun, will do. On another note, the fork has been updated to v1.1, corresponding with BAC v050.


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Just a bump suggesting and permitting updating to the most recent BAC. It is my intention and hope you can continue providing an alternative. After all the "C" stands for community working together.


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after a long time away, the new update to BAC v082 is here.