Topic: Plant withering, calendar or weather triggered?  (Read 2767 times)


« on: February 11, 2021, 08:01:41 PM »
I'm waiting for the 3rd turnip harvest to ripen and some will make it, some will wither. That they all wither at the same time and known week ahead, made me wonder, are they withering on weather or calendar? I'm suspecting calendar.

It's Fall month, 2nd day of 4th week before Winter. It has snowed once for less than half an hour. Ground is still diggable, as I did add couple pits, no traps on them yet.


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I believe withering is on calendar, but not fixed, i.e. different tiles get different dates. You can see it with wild plants where there are still some tiles holding out for some plant, while it's withered elsewhere. My latest character's farm plot area happens to straddle a tile border, and the plants in one tile withered a little earlier than those in the other.

I don't know if the withering order remains the same every year or if it's random.


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I think it's both. It used to be calendar only but it used to be that i could guarantee that plants of a certain type planted before a certain date would always be harvestable, and now i can't. It used to be that you'd always get a message like "it can be harvested in a couple days. it's withering and will die in a week." which would mean it could be harvested for sure.

But now I've noticed that in spite of the "it can be harvested in a day, it is withering and will die in a week" message, if there is a sudden snow storm, then the next day it cannot be harvested at all, because the snow destroyed it.

This makes me believe that crop mechanics now are a lot more realistic model of what would happen in real life: the crop will be ready n days after you planted it (which varies a little bit due to random conditions), but can be destroyed by animals or weather before it becomes ready.