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Bear with me if I'm not up to date. I'm a long time player but I usually don't have internet so I tend to be out of the loop.

The Problem:

Fishing is very basic with little involvement other than a spear or a fishing rod. From my experience, with a spear you starve, with a fishing rod you stand a chance.

Some Ideas/Suggestions for Solutions:

- Add complications and requirements to fishing that makes fishing more involved and easier.

- Fishing could use some bait.
    - Bait in your inventory would automatically be used when fishing is activated. Make fishing rod fishing require bait while spear fishing has the advantage of not requiring it.
    - Make bait from meat? (I shy away from this option because I don't like the idea of having the player stay in one spot)
    - Maybe have a collect fishing bait ability that can be activated from the fishing menu.
         - Have the ability to find different kinds of bait for different biomes? (See below about catching target fish)
             - If activated while standing in shallow the water you catch small crustaceans or bait fish? (bait fish trap?)
             - If activated in certain biomes or around certain objects find certain worms, flies, beetles, moths, etc.
    - Maybe collect bait automatically while moving from square to square? (I shy away from this as it isn't as involved)

- Have some sort of fishing ritual where something is thrown on the water to help encourage a catch. (Again I shy away from this because I want to encourage the player to explore)

- Catching target fish
    - Have certain fish prefer certain bait
    - This would help for people who actually want to smoke and dry lots of one kind of fish (as you spent a couple days catching only one kind)

I don't know for sure, at least this is my two cents. Thanks for all you do Sami! It's a marvelous game!


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I would definitely want fishing to be more complex.

What I want to add to this is that, fish should come in all different sizes (weight), not all pikes are 7 lb. #MoreLoveForAllSizes

And I'd like this to apply to animals also, it would give more flavour when telling your stories about the times when you hunted or caught something, for example; "I fo├║ght and killed a bear once that weighted over a thousand pounds" or " I once caught a Pike that was 20lb."

A finnish game in my opinion requires more ways to tell "kalavalheita".  (loosely traslated to "fish lie", when someone is over exaggerating or blatantly telling a lie, it's a kalavalhe)


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Land animals come in different sizes, which is reflected in the number of cuts they produce when butchered. There's no fish cleaning (yet), though...