Topic: Where should I look for a splitting axe?  (Read 17601 times)


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Been checking settlement I come across, no such luck. Wanted to know if there is a specific place/culture/area that has a greater chance of having one.


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The Dirks have most goods and more exotic things in their areas.
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Yeah, My current character is in Driik's lands and in just 3 settlements he has found plentty axes (carving, splitting, woodman's) and also fine and few masterpieces of them. Try your luck there if it is not so far from where you are. Still that item (i am almost 100% sure) you can find in every village in every culture. And remember villages re-stock their possesions every now and then. Good luck!
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I don't think this axe can be found with northern cultures (the tribes, especially the middle and the eastern one). They seem to carry only handaxes. If they do have possibility to spawn other axes, the chance of obtaining them is so low it is not worth looking for anyway. However, every other culture, the ones with agriculture (fields around villages), can have it, and restock items about every 3 months or so. If you are in the north, look in Sartola, Koivula or Kiesse villages. I had particularly much luck with Sartola.

I think there are similar rules for punt, though I do have some agricultural cultures which never had punts in my game.