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Just grabbed this mod it looks amazing i'm excited :)


There is a lot, and a lot of people to thank for their contributions in recipes or advise.

I still tip my hat to Rain, who wrote an iron working mod years ago that is one of the main chunks of my own BAC gameplay.

I do hope at times that ironworking would come into the vanilla came though there is the puzzle of why spend vanilla coding time on something mod(s) already do fairly well.

Off-topic / Why I carry a rock in real life
« on: October 07, 2020, 09:33:49 PM »
Why I carry a rock in real life.

Lessons (mostly) from the Unreal World game:

= Its a hammer for building
= Its a digging tool, better than my hands
= Digging can get me to flexible thin roots for cordage
= Roots and plants can be rubbed against an edge of the rock to cut them
= It can be weight to help braid roots into stronger "rope"
= It can bash against branches as a crude axe
= Two rocks can start a fire and I already have one
= It can be thrown to get food, by pinging a squirrel or wounding a rabbit
= It can be put in a fist as a knuckle puncher
= It can be rolled in the fingers as a stress relief mediation
= It can be banded on a rock or tree as a rescue signal
= Rocks can be pets to talk too, I mean its only bad when the rock talks back

Yes I carry a rock. When people ask me why these are rambled off.

Unreal World crafting if stranded and unequipped begins with: a rock.

So I start with a rock!

Get a rock.

Have a rock.

Be one with the earth.


Many of craft items have different names and is not consistent - made by different authors...
I look at you "for core wood"...

Which item in which menu?


Fixed old birch-bark lace issue for the two wood bow in the bowying DIY

Fix for the bows shortly

The birch bark lace in the bowying section dates to a game version before we could harvest birch bark as a base item.

I'll look into the birchbark lace.

on other issues

Proper feedback doesn't benefit from vague humor. If you can mention specific recipes and it helps with menu (or DIY file) it will help fix things.

Yes, there is a lot of different author sources and with the main game updating at times there can be one or a few of hundreds of recipes blipped by a change.

Proper feedback is good feedback. Which recipe of which menu is good feedback.


Based on input from community member BlankPaper:

= Utility wood items given the "Caethon tweak" so that staff replaces slender trunk in a few utility recipes with the skill percents rebalanced. This is so skill can lead to better quality items

= Leather tarp missing [remove] in recipe fixed

Not yet done:
Suggested graphical additions, largely pending on time and gathering so if someone wants to help with that it would be be appreciated

Regardless, nothing pressing, so good luck with your novel!  :D


Remind me on the Cauthon graphics to check with him or the integration. Active people on the forums I do go with what they yea-nay while long away folk are a bit more complicated as this is public non-profit modding though I do endeavor to respect any wishes they may have made known.


On the bows again:
I did a look at the BAC code and this is the primitive bow

.Primitive bow. "Juniper bow" [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*  /70/ |1|
{Slender trunk} [remove] [noquality] [ground]
{Cutting weapon}<Knife>
{Bowstring}       [remove]
// the vanilla one =)

1) It requires only a knife. This is consistent with the idea of it being simpler to make. May be chunky but it will send an arrow down range primarily for small game.
2) No "tiller" needed either which itself requires more build time that in a survival situation means building up more starvation
3) No game stats are changed. It draws on the Juniper bow base recipe so the weight and other scores are 100% from Saami's vision.
4) This represents a bow you can make to survive or to role-play "low tech" (which some do) understanding that once you have more tools, like an axe, and some food you can take the time to make a more efficient bow. Much like how you can make a stone-knife and stone-axe yet with the iron working you can one day make iron-steel ones.


Brygun here going through recent posts:

Blankpaper on various staff etc updates to Caethon:
Very likely the BAC grabbed as source material an earlier version of his.
It would help a lot if you could help narrow down which recipes need what changes. You can PM on the forums if you want for this purpose.
I've got a few other things on, like editing a novel I wrote this summer, so the time to do a wide spread code chase that is more an improvement vs a bug might not see much time allotment.

Blankpaper on leather tarp no remove bug:
Inputted for next update.

nx4 various comments:

Weight issue:
The game not registering the weight code also appears on the barrels. They do not appear to be something a modder can correct. Cause and correction seems to be in the base game and wasn't solved for the barrels reported earlier.

Primitive bow is in part there for those wanting to role play a primitive only technology. Its not necessarily any better, in fact should be a little worse, than having good tools to make even a simple bow. I think that was what was meant from the source mod. IIRC it was self-sufficiency but its been a very long time.
Also a bow having a higher carry weight doe not necessarily mean it has more power. Inferior power to weight is rather implied in the name "primitive" bow.
IIRC it was meant to be in as something you might make without having much skill or tools until you could indeed ditch it for something better. Some starting characters, like in the escaped slave scenario, are very limited in what they can make.

Fowling arrows:
Big lumpy blunt arrows for breaking bones on birds rather than pegging them into high up tree branches.

Limited menu space was part of it. Given the limits of the number of menus one decision I made was to leave some of the very high end items >out< like chainmail armor. This is something that remains for players to have their characters quest for or for the player to be nudged to try out modding themselves.

Kaumo spear:
As with battle sword a mix of limited menu space, leaving out top end items and in this case also leaving out cultural items. There were mixed views on allowing culture items with the question that a character of culture X may or may not know how to make item of culture Y. Again, its a reason to quest or develop some modding skills.


Started as going through to add the + item into the code where descriptions where given. While most were okay there were instances like those in posts above where people new might not know what base items are. So I added the + to all 'something' lines in the DIY

While doing so I also spotted some typo style mistakes including issues in the clinkered punt for the medieval drill having { } instead of ' '

A user above just asked about antler strips and it seems that is a call to a removed item so I have changed it to a general weight of antler bone.

MAC Users:
If you fixed your graphics be sure to keep the fixed graphics as these are still the original truetiles.

The request for fixed tiles for MAC to be posted is still present as I dont have a MAC to test them with myself.

If one of our MAC users makes their own set of corrected graphics we can host them as a separate zip in this thread.  :D

This is a known issue that shows up on Macs - they don't show PNG files with an alpha layer properly.  So you just have to get rid of the alpha layer.

Well done.

I've added your instructions to the first post of the BAC thread.

Another thing, [on MAC] new items looks like this (at least from earthenware), I will keep posted, if its only a clay problem, or other items too, when I managed to make some using new tiles.

 The transparency 'layer' for those 'specific' tiles needs to be set/reset for Mac users.

I have Corel photo shop which might be able but I've not tried.

Also I don't have a MAC so no way to self test.

Are their volunteers to help our Apple minded brethren?

Another thing, [on MAC] new items looks like this (at least from earthenware), I will keep posted, if its only a clay problem, or other items too, when I managed to make some using new tiles.

the green space around those should be computing as "nothing" so the rest of the nearby graphics show through.

Its also disturbing that those are two different shades of green. Id have expected the same miscomputing to give the same color.


Not sure what I can do about that.

Can you post that in the main gain bugs along the lines of "modded graphics display wrong in MAC". Maybe there is something they can do on their end.

Mod Releases / Re: Feeding livestock, manure
« on: July 24, 2020, 04:30:04 PM »

Poop has now made it into the Unreal World.

Realism intensifies.

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