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Since Im in a dry spell of playing Im not keen to do the update for the upcoming "hafting" update... which once again creates a mod collision in using a top level letter for... what... all of 2 recipes? which basically already exist in BAC. The use of a staff already matches shaping a rod to be a handle.

Therefore recommending if you are playing from the steam directory to turn the updates off.

If might come out okay in space allotments or it might not. Not sure if its going to be a hardcoded recipe or something we can't turn off.

Modding / Re: Cheat a "permanent" companion?
« on: December 29, 2023, 11:55:12 PM »
Well done

I wonder how much you have to pay them at the end of 64 days?

Bug reports / Re: [3.82] "Over the partystack" into freezing water
« on: December 28, 2023, 12:52:48 AM »
7zip is a free compression file and used by some folks. that might help send the log.

Seems even the msglog file is too big when compressed. It's a 1-yr+ character.



(jokingly... i feel your pain... I learned to backup a lot. In fact that's how Saami was able to diagnos the need to disalow watercraft landing on the wilderness map or something like that. I could send him save files close in on either side of a bug)

Not bugs / Re: Crops not staying planted?
« on: December 27, 2023, 12:18:05 PM »
Was it a village's crop field or one of your own?

Bug reports / Re: [3.82] "Over the partystack" into freezing water
« on: December 27, 2023, 12:17:26 PM »
7zip is a free compression file and used by some folks. that might help send the log.

Not bugs / Re: [3.80beta] Two bugs - Sage quest & Field plants disappearing
« on: December 27, 2023, 12:15:36 PM »
Disappearing near a village might be related to the village harvesting their crops.

As to it be sudden 100% collected does mean there is none left for gleaning.

May or may not be working as intended. Certainly making it hard on the character plan.

Have you checked on tiles 2 or 3 away from a village. (if any such exist) Those seem to not generate "you're stealing" type messages so might be except from the auto-harvest that this might be.

Suggestions / Re: Give the "arrow-tip" treatment to javelins
« on: December 26, 2023, 01:07:48 PM »
Tip choices could be optional and give a yet to exist skill modifier.

Thus using a bone or iron tip would increase the chance for a fine quality, +1 impact, or masterwork +1 impact +10 on skill when used.

Suggestions / Marriage or village development
« on: December 26, 2023, 01:06:02 PM »
A known request being repeated.

Playing Calle's story (in the story thread) now that Im coming out of his third winter (#3) he is very well established. Long term goals other than killing Nerjpez in large numbers are a bit of struggle.

Id like to bump the request for very long ties such as marriage or live in or converting your homestead to a village.

Perhaps a mechanism where you build an extra cabin and designate it as for long term guests. Maybe a special sleeping bed that the player can't use. The long term visitor can pick up things left in the guest cabin as a way to equip or pay them.

The long term visitor would warn not days from leaving but weeks so the player has time to craft or trade things.

Payment might be pay in advance? So you can pay for them to stay for months or a year?

At least a season of three months though six or twelve months would be better.

Perhaps while staying or assigned to the guest bed the visitor might be assumed to at least produce enough to feed themselves.

Abliet with the Savo game started Im not sure the devs would divert energy to experimenting with things in UrW vs their new game.

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 26, 2023, 01:00:21 PM »

It was still morning as Calle decided what to do now. In his trade pile was four shields and a bow. Even if he didn’t lead them to battle just yet he could get these to the Button Stream. Trade or gift. Gear for use against troubles the raiders might cause.

It was late afternoon when he came near the village. To the east across the river he could see a stag elk. A sign of the migration or a warning? For now Calle wouldn’t get nearer. It was a sign that the Nerjpez weren’t prowling as they would have startled it or killed it themselves.

Apro was the first to be given one of the fine wooden shields as Apro already had a bow. The village supplied Calle with a collection of their extra arrows and a spool of thread.

Now to aide Kalvera whose weapons were only a staff and knife, not even a bow! Calle wanted to collect more clothes should a lady, even the Swan Maiden come. He picked out a linen dress, leather leggings, a wool cloak and decent leather shoes. He figured he could make the lady fur or leather footwear to size from his craft stocks and the nettle dress a second outer layer like an apron. For these he passed to Kalvera the longbow, a wooden shield and six of the village’s arrows. Arrows flow like water in the river of trade. It meant now that Kalvera would be a much better fighter should the day come.

The next day on the way to Maiden’s Steam homestead a cow elk and herd of reindeer were found only a few bow lengths away. He could hunt them though his heart new he already had great stocks of food. These were a good sign of the life of the forest. For now he wouldn’t hunt these ones.

Maiden Stream had in trade piles quite a bit of metal armor and various large furs, even one of a bear. He found Sampsa, one of the village men. By the time they finished Sampsa had Button Stream arrows to go with a local Maiden Stream hunting bow and one of the wooden shields Calle had made. In trade Calle gained two bags of rye grains and a birchbark basket of hemp seeds. These are stable foods he could keep long into when his own crops would rise again three seasons from now.

His heart grew full with pride. These people would at least put up a fight now. That in turn might guide the Nerjpez to delay or divert any attack for a while. Returning to Swan Cabin he stored the foods in the yard cellar and the lady’s clothing by the bed.

<CALLE 163 lady clothes at Swan Cabin>>>

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 26, 2023, 06:42:29 AM »

Nervous from visiting the war camp and the visions of his deaths Calle made the gesture of greeting with an open hand.

The hunter wiped a hand over his face. Tired eyes looked back.

Then the hunter made the gesture of greeting back.

“My name is Sampsa,” he said, “Thank you for the greeting. I have been hunting for winter furs while we can still ski. Armored warrior you worried me that you would bring battle.”

“I am Calle of Swan Cabin and this is Marikka. We have been to scout a war camp to the south east within two days journey.”

Sampsa’s eyes blinked and his head jolted.

Calle explained the location of the war camp though not yet sharing the location of the attack shelters. As a sign of friendship Calle passed to the hunter one of the broadhead arrows he made.

“As a Smith of the North let this gift bring you the harvest you seek. Remember to honor the cycle of life and thank the spirits,” spoke Calle.

“Thank you again,” Sampsa’s eyes woke to a sparkle eyeing the keen edges of the broadhead. Such an arrow could well fell a large animal. One with a thick fur hide and much meat on the body. He held it in both hands over his head before sliding it into his quiver.

Calle pointed out the directions to Maiden Stream, should the hunter end up with meat to trade or in need of safety. They parted ways then.

Soon at Swan Cabin Calle let Marikka to roam in the pen. He took off the metal war gear though chose to keep on the helmet. With care the linen dress was bundled into the rafters over the bed. Foods were restocked to his travel pack and a fire started to warm the cabin. Routinely the traps were checked with one pit being collapsed but nothing in it. Had he missed setting it before he left? The smoke house still lingered with wisps of trapped smoke. A new fire was set to keep the boar meat curing.

He was alive only because he hadn’t tried to fight a battle he couldn’t win. This weighed on his mind.

<CALLE 162 back at Swan Cabin>>>

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 26, 2023, 06:22:05 AM »

Withdrawing westward meant moving away from the attack shelter now north of him. On this side of the river he assembled another shelter. When he had a war party this could of use in launching an attack then. That would be some time, if ever. The markers would also serve to mark to those who knew them where to land a punt to make their approach.

He selected a U of spruce near the frozen river. A mixed choice to be sure. In the summer this would be well hidden from the land side. In the winter like now it was viewable from the ice side. Rocks and a large stone are assembled for a fire ring though he will make no fire. Were it lit the rocks absorb heat, block sparks while the larger stone’s heat draws the smoke to itself. A fallen tree is brought to the shelter, chopped into blocks and some further processed into firewood. A guard trap is set on one side. More spruce is laid in the floor to insulate.

Snow falls from the clouds like feathers from a swan. This further hides his tracks and the shelter. With the protection of Swan Maiden around him Calle feeds Marikka and himself before snuggling up together on and under the spruce.

Day 1 of the 2nd week before summer season

In the morning improvements of more secret markers and another guard trap were set. The traps were disarmed for now. Being left inactive meant able to set them up quickly on a return.

He arrived back at the “Button stream” community. First seen was the boy Teppo.

Calle studied Teppo. Thoughts of the dangers of the nearby raiders troubled him. What might happen to Teppo? A greater force and better equipment would give a better future to the boy.
Perhaps this is what was meant by being the “smith of the north”. To equip the people well enough so that several, not just Calle, would be well equipped warriors. For now the vision of his many deaths chilled his heart as deeply as plunging into a river while North Wind danced.

Hunter Kalerva came over greeting Calle. Calle spoke of spotting the war camp, their numbers he guessed at and the locations of the attack shelters.

With Apro Calle traded for a linen dress. It wasn’t the smoothest of stitching. A part of Calle hoped to have a lady companion stay with him. This would be a gift for her or payment for working. For it he traded his eight bone tipped arrows, 2 of his broadheads and foods.

Salme waved to Calle, “Thank you. I worked on that dress this winter. Glad it will find a home. We all hope you’ll find someone for it soon our friend!”

Calle blushed.

Moving on Calle skied on slightly different paths to expand his knowing of the lands. As evening came he swung into the homested of Maiden’s Stream. These too he warned of the war camp. Feeding Marikka one of his swirl hardtacks, having traded off the meat, they settled down to discussing with the stead folk. In time warriors might gather. It was the way to focus on living with the spirits not making war on people.

Skiing on home they spooked a weasel letting it dash under the spruce.

Striking closer to home they were startled by the appearance of a hunter slinking out of the spruce.

<CALLE 161 vagabond hunter>>>

Modding / Re: Is there a self-sufficiency mod for 3.82?
« on: December 26, 2023, 05:15:37 AM »
BAC has a large collection of modding from the community combined with overlap (or inclusion?) from self sufficiency

IIRC Rain had done iron working and Rain's self sufficiency if thats that you mean by "self sufficiency", or was it Endive? Been a while since running the original "self sufficiency". If so alot of rain's work has been included. Due to the numerous vanilla updates the old Rain's iron and SS won't run or not fully compatible. BAC and other mega mods exist in part to update Rain's work and combine them with others.

By concept though BAC does give you access to many trades and skills to be self sufficient, like making your own axes and weaving clothes.

edit: Bouidda also did self sufficiency type mods with much rolled into BAC

General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on All Crops
« on: December 26, 2023, 12:17:57 AM »
In terms of medicines this is draft for a guide I've been working on but havent released. The idea was to come up with an in-character saying on what to carry for medicines:


Fighters medicine bag:

Caution: These are Unreal World results. Real world plants maybe different. Learn your local plants.

On consideration he comes up with new memory phrase: “Fighters need helpful medicinal herbs and bandages”.

Flax supports nutrition and recovery.
Nettles for binding wounds and sickness of the lungs.
Hemp is for eating.
Meadsweet tea reduces vomiting, reduces pain and lowers infection.
Heather is for washing wounds and as a tea for many internal illnesses.
“And bandages” means to have another two ready bandages.

A pot, be it iron or clay kettle pot, is needed to make the teas.

Flax, nettles and hemp leaves are all by products of agriculture. Threshing for straws also yields leaves so these can be grown in quantity or found around villages. Meadsweet needs to be gathered from the wild forests.  Heather flowers are light to carry for frequent offerings of peace with the spirits. When eating your daily leaves put heather out then.

For wounds and burns first wash with heather then include nettle in the bandage.
When wounded or vomiting have meadsweet tea.
Other illnesses have a heather tea.
Hemp for eating like when hiding to heal.

To make tea you need a boiling vessel like a pot with the BAC clay kettle pot being a light weight travel version.

Other herbs have their benefits. This set is a very good mix that is easy to remember, can be gathered in quantity and nutritious to eat.

General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on All Crops
« on: December 26, 2023, 12:14:14 AM »
Hello Felius,

Brygun of the BAC here.

Glad you are enjoying the mod.

One of my go to cooking recipes is the swirl bread using Rye and Hemp. I recall looking up that Rye was good on carbs and Hemp good on proteins. (Query, was Hemp modded in?). Thus making rye-hemp swirl breads and hard tacks would cover the full spectrum of nutrition.

My current character Calle has gone through a cycle of agriculture. Some general findings for him:

Rye-Hemp mixes work great. They off set the needs for meat and balance nutrition.

Nettle is great for making threads which in turn is used in various crafting and in making loop snares.

A mixed diet of one meat cut, a turnip and some leaves worked as good diet. The leaves were nettle, hemp and flax. Those were grown for making cordage, thread and cloth. The leaves are a very useful byproduct. Turnips can be grown or traded for in big quantities. Turnips don't spoil (or rarely), they are a root vegetable. The most expensive is the meat which is now only about a third of the diet. This really strecthed out the meats from catching animals.

If you have fields you will attract animals. A good indigenous teaching is to plant more crops than you need for yourself. Expect the animals to eat some. Then you can trap or hunt the animals. This means your crops are also a big giant batch of bait.

A mix of light lever traps and loop snares will deal with rabbits, squirrels and birds. Fences with a pit trap here and there (maybe 1 per four or five fences) will at times catch you a reindeer or elk for a big meat harvest! Combine these meats with the diet of meat-turnip-leaves and you can go a long time.

Prior to some of the cooking mods, like swirl bread, broad beans were a big deal. They are still very handy. Broad beans don't spoil much and can be eaten as is. Probably not cooking them would suck to actually eat but it works.

Calle pretty much gave up on growing peas. He is though far in the north. Agriculture is a little affected by your north-south as the weather patterns are AFAIK different.

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 25, 2023, 10:52:42 PM »
(Aborting attack as it is currently impossible to even single one out. Among the issues is the current game mechanics mean they have no penalty to move in heavy snow. It would be impossible to escape. Eventually the four plus Nerjpez will wear Calle down and there might be even more in the camp)

The elk’s eyes and his meet.

A swirl takes his mind.

Time and time again he tries alone to attack the camp. Each time he can manage to kill one, perhaps their war leader himself. Then the others swarm him. He watches Marikka suffer and die. No matter how he tries to battle they find him.

The elk’s side passes between trees as it turns away.

Overhead a billowing cloud with two spreading fans and a long streak fill in his mind the image of a swan.

Swan Maiden has warned him.

Calle accepts the warning.

<CALLE 160 didn’t attack>>>

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