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I tried as you suggested and it worked both for mixed and not mixed fibres! Thank you very much.

edit: Just a quick question/suggestion I had though, wouldn't it be better to have 'tying equipment' for the part rather than just fibres, so writhes and/or cords can also be used for arrows?

"tying equipment" includes ropes which are rather thick for arrows.

Looking into it:

Its the "mixed" part of the ingredient that is throwing the recipe off

Can you try editing the diy_BAC_Fletching.txt line from

{Fibre from*}       [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]   '+Some fibre'


{*fibre from*}       [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]   '+Some fibre'

and try it?

Query: Will that fix through off the existing non mixed fibre because of the capital F change

Mod Releases / Re: Cethegus sledwagon reborn
« on: November 08, 2020, 12:52:12 AM »
I think this is a great help. One of the tedious parts of replaying after so many times is the logging for a new stead and house.

For BAC users this is exactly the sort of thing you can put into the few remaining letter slots. Objects once created are stable so after doing all the logging you could free up the diy if you really needed to. This is meant as a support for this mod.


Minor fix to the carpentry for the axe aft

Mixed findings on the + 'word' vs '+word' phrasing and Ive not been able to focus on doing an every file check. So for now at least a fix to the one recipe. Which is really to remove the '+word' entirely as its not so much a core but the wood for the axe haft.

Investigating why the "For core wood" shows up as it does.

Bug reports / Re: The name '+' command
« on: November 03, 2020, 09:41:15 PM »
Here;s something a related

.North-west corner. [effort:4] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:0] [GFX_Y:0]   |+2|   [assist:3]   /320/
.Northern wall.       [effort:4] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:1] [GFX_Y:0]   |+2|   [assist:3]   /320/
.North-east corner. [effort:4] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:3] [GFX_Y:0]  |+2|     [assist:3]     /320/
.Western wall.        [effort:4] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:0] [GFX_Y:1]   |+2|   [assist:3]     /320/
{Log} (6) [remove] [ground]
{Axe} <Carving axe> '+for carving the logs'
{Axe} <Broad axe> '+for finishing the walls'

Will come up as "Axe for carving the logs"

So it appears that the + inside the single quotes is used as an additive while the + outside is a replacer


That isn't what went on in the:

{Short quarter log}       [remove] [patchwise]   '+For core wood'



{Short quarter log} :
1) isn't a base game object
2) is a multi word object

Wondering whether 1 or 2 may show the difference from the biy Axe example

Not a bug

reread modding

the + has to be ahead of the quotes not in it


Which means I need to go through ever BAC file to fix that wherever it might be

 :( :o

 :-[  :'(

Bug reports / Re: The name '+' command
« on: November 03, 2020, 04:52:32 AM »
Not a bug

reread modding

the + has to be ahead of the quotes not in it


Bug reports / The name '+' command
« on: November 03, 2020, 04:45:49 AM »

Thought it would say:

"Short quarter log For core wood"

from this recipe... so I need to fix it a different way... bother... or at least report it as a bug...

wasn't '+' supposed to keep the original name and then add to it, hence plus.

Cause if not there is a ton of work for me to fix.

.Axe haft. "Hunting horn" (4) [effort:2] [phys:arms,hands,stance]   *TIMBERCRAFT* %10% |-1| /120/ [patch:4]
{Short quarter log}       [remove] [patchwise]   '+For core wood'
{Axe}<Carving axe>       [noquality]
{Knife}<Small knife>
//was 30 min for 1
//Now produces multiple with longer time

Proper feedback doesn't benefit from vague humor. If you can mention specific recipes and it helps with menu (or DIY file) it will help fix things.

Sorry, I did not want to mock anyone or something - "for core wood" is in carpentry menu for making axe hafts - and recipe really asking for short quarter log from lumber menu.

I thought is long known bugs that author of mod should repair, and you Brygun just put everything together.

With the '+' in the text line it is, I hope, saying ... let me test....

... and

No, the fix didnt fix it.

Thought it would say:

"Short quarter log For core wood"

from this recipe... so I need to fix it a different way... bother

.Axe haft. "Hunting horn" (4) [effort:2] [phys:arms,hands,stance]   *TIMBERCRAFT* %10% |-1| /120/ [patch:4]
{Short quarter log}       [remove] [patchwise]   '+For core wood'
{Axe}<Carving axe>       [noquality]
{Knife}<Small knife>
//was 30 min for 1
//Now produces multiple with longer time

I believe the game simply scans strings of item names until it finds the first match, meaning it is scanning until it finds the "staff" in "staff-bow" and using it as staff.  Either that, or the game actually counts the staff-bow as a type of staff.  You can check this in the mod .txt files, in the recipe for staff-bow the first line will read something like .staff-bow. "staff" (meaning the name is staff-bow but the game counts it as staff).


That's why to have an even thinner type of tying material I had used "string" to have a separate word match from the vanilla game "cord" and "rope". However it still needs a base object so sometimes string can be a cord but a cord will never be a string.

And if you understand that you are an advanced level modder.

And then there is thread for weaving and making clothes.




Name adjust on "Northern staff-bow" to no longer have rename "Staff-bow". I am hoping, not checked, that this will avoid the consumption of the item as a {Staff} in other recipes. Note the capital "S" vs small "s" which I hope will solve that issue.


Clay is generally from river beds where the various grindings and organics(?) are at work to make clay.

Would a sea side have clay? I mean it could. It could also be rocky (which a river could to but would accumulate clay).

The Sea of Finland is fairly mild in terms of salt content. You can even drink it and not die like normal sea water.

Im favoring leaving the clay as water as we don't have an "OR" command in the recipe. If it really is critical someone could, as you have, poke into beginner modding and edit the one line a short time.

Recipes are indeed name driven though there are possible work arounds. Like a deliberate mis-spelling to Sttaff-bow (note the extra t)

Ill think about that one.

Looking at your tile comment now


Truetile updates from Adamsor

Readme file name tweak to "Readme BAC for users" to better match "Readme BAC for modders"

Adamsor added to contributors for tile fixes

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